Why Does My PS5 Keep Turning Off? Causes & Fixes!
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No one wants to see their PS5 in a situation where it keeps turning off out of the blue. Securing a PS5 is a big thing, and these gaming consoles don’t come cheap. 

So, once you have spent all your recent savings on getting a PS5 for yourself, seeing it going off every few hours can be a shocker for you. But don’t worry; we are here to get you out of this trouble. 

Multiple things could make your PS5 console shut down randomly. These include overheating the console, faulty power cable, rest mode being enabled on the device, firmware issues, etc. Fortunately, you can quickly fix these problems and prevent your PS5 console from turning off without prior notice. 

We have put together a detailed guide for you explaining why the PS5 console keeps turning off. We have also included some simple solutions you can use to get yourself out of this problem quickly. So, without further ado, let’s dig right into this guide. 


What Causes Your PS5 to Keep Turning Off? 

You won’t find anything abnormal regarding reasons leading to your PS5 shutting down randomly. In fact, most of the things causing this issue are the ones you experience with other electronic devices and gaming consoles. 

Here is a list of some of the main reasons behind this error. 

  • Overheating 

This is one of the most prevalent reasons your PS5 keeps turning off. Overheating doesn’t seem like a big problem, but it has drastic consequences. If not taken care of on time, this could damage your console completely. 

Like other gaming consoles and devices, PS5 also has some internal components that release heat. To combat this situation, the console comes with fans that help withdraw the heat from the console. 

However, if your PS5 console’s fans are not working properly or fail to deliver the desired efficiency, this could cause your PS5 to turn off randomly. Another thing that can cause your console to overheat is the dust build-up in the device. 

  • Wrong Positioning 

As stated above, the PS5 console comes with fans to vacuum the device of the heat emitted by some internal components. But for the fans to function appropriately, their positioning is highly crucial. 

If you have placed your PS5 console in a place where the fans are being blocked, they won’t be able to withdraw the heat from the device, eventually overheating, which gives rise to the device turning off repeatedly. 

  • Rest Mode 

PS5 is one of the most user-friendly gaming consoles out there, which is made to combat to all user’s needs and demands. One such exciting feature of PS5 that most users find helpful is its rest mode. 

Once you enable the Rest Mode on your console, it will automatically turn off after the set time. This generally helps when your kids leave the gaming console on for long hours and often forget to turn it off. 

However, if you have forgotten to disable the Rest Mode on your PS5, this could make the console go off randomly. 

  • HDMI Device Link 

The HDMI Device Link is a device made by Samsung that connects your PS5 console to the TV. Though the HDMI link device gets pretty hassle-free to link your gaming console to your TV, it also comes with some flaws. 

If you have been using the HDMI device link, every time you turn off your TV, your PS5 console will automatically switch off too, and you have to struggle to turn it on all over again. 

  • Outdated Software 

Another major reason why your PS5 keeps turning off now and then is its outdated software. If you want your PS5 console to keep working efficiently without getting into trouble, you need to keep updating its software, or you will get into errors like these. 

  • Damaged Power Supply 

This is another prevalent reason for the PS5 keeps turning off errors. Like other electronic devices and gaming consoles, your PS5 console also needs access to a stable power supply to operate continuously. 

However, if the power cable supplying current to your console has been damaged or due to any other reason, the power supply to your console is not smooth, you might face the issue where your console keeps turning off randomly. 

  • Over-Exertion of the Console 

With your PS5 console, you need to be careful about the load you put on the device. Though the PS5 console is undoubtedly a robust device that can operate tirelessly in troubled conditions, at the end of the day, it’s an electronic device that needs to be handled carefully. 

If you have lately been too harsh to your console and have downloaded several heavy games on it, this could cause your console to over-exert, eventually causing it to turn off out of nowhere. 


Fixing the PS5 Keeps Turning Off Error 

If you are wondering how to fix the PS5 keeps turning off error, our 7 simple solutions will help you resolve this problem in no time. But you must follow all the instructions to the core to save yourself from further damage. 

Method #1: Checking the Console for Overheating 

As evident from the reasons we have talked about before, one of the prominent reasons for the PS5 to turn off randomly is overheating. So, the first thing you should do to fix this issue is to check your device for the overheating problem. 

The most significant step you can take to prevent your console from getting all heated up whenever you are playing games is to change its position. Ensure to place the console at a location where its vents are exposed, and nothing comes in their way. This way, the console could withdraw excess heat through its fans easily. 

However, to take necessary measures to prevent overheating of the console, you first need to recognize if your device has an overheating issue. Here are some of the things that signify the overheating of the PS5 console: 

  • The fan makes a lot of noise. 
  • On touch, you will find the console to be too hot. 
  • It takes a large amount of time for your console to load. 
  • You will see the screen getting distorted or changing its color. 

If you see any of the above signs in your console, take all the necessary measures to stop your device from getting overheated. 

As we have stated above, one of the main reasons for PS5 getting overheated is the dust and dirt build-up in the vents. So, to prevent overheating, you are required to clean up your console by following these steps: 

  1. Use a T8 Torx screwdriver to disassemble your console’s fan to perform deep cleaning. 
  2. Now take a compressed air can or a dust blower to dust off the dirt out of the console. 
  3. Once you have blown out all the larger dust particles, take a piece of a soft cloth. 
  4. Damp the cloth slightly and clean the console to where your hand can reach. 
  5. Use a dry cloth to dry out the console’s surface. 
  6. Put the fan back on and switch on the console to check for the error. 

Here is a YouTube video you can check out to clean your PS5 console smoothly. 


Method #2: Checking or Replacing the Power Cable 

A faulty power cable could make your PS5 console go off without prior notice. To keep yourself safe from this trouble, it’s best to keep a check on the power cable and replace it if you can’t fix it. 

Here are some of the things you need to keep an eye on when it comes to the power cable for your PS5 console:  

  • Ensure that you have plugged the power cable into the right port. 
  • Check if you are using the correct power cable. 
  • Plug the cable firmly and ensure that the connection is not loose
  • Turn off the power switch and check the cable for any damage or breakage. 

If even after performing all the above actions, you cannot prevent your console from turning off frequently, it’s best to replace the cable with a new one. 

Method #3: Updating the System Software 

If you don’t keep track of the system updates for your PS5, you are doing it all wrong. But don’t worry; it’s never too late to start. 

Here is how you can update your system software to eliminate the PS5 keeps turning off problem: 

  1. Go to your PS5 Settings menu. 
  2. Select “System.” 
  3. Go to the “System Software” option on the screen. 
  4. From all the options listed before you, select “System Software Update.” 
  5. Choose the “Update System Software” option. 
  6. Wait till the system finally updates and see if the issue persists. 

Method #4: Using the HDMI Device Link 

As mentioned in the reasons, the HDMI Device link could make your PS5 go off every time you turn off the TV. But you can’t skip this amazing device to eliminate the turning off problem. 

Here is what you can do to keep your PS5 from turning off every time you switch off the TV: 

  1. Go to the “Settings” menu on your PS5 console. 
  2. Open “System.” 
  3. Choose the “HDMI” tab from all the options on the screen. 
  4. Head to the “HDMI Device Link” option. 
  5. Once you are on the HDMI Device Link screen, press the “X” button on your controller to turn off the device. 

You have successfully changed the settings for your PS5 console, and now it will no longer switch off with the TV. 

Method #5: Disabling the Rest Mode 

If the Rest Mode is enabled on your device, you can’t stop your PS5 console from turning off after a particular time. However, you can prevent this by disabling the Rest Mode feature on your device. 

To do this, 

  1. Go to your PS5 console’s “Settings” menu. 
  2. Head to the “System” option. 
  3. Choose “Power Saving.”
  4. Select “Set Time Until PS5 Enters Rest Mode.”
  5. Hit the “Don’t Put in Rest Mode” option to disable the Rest Mode on your PS5 console. 

Method #6: Rebuilding the Database

Rebuilding your database is another thing you can do to fix the PS5 keeps turning off error. Though this isn’t a simple process, following these steps, you will be able to complete it. 

  1. Hit the “Power” button on your console to turn it off. 
  2. Press and hold the Power button again. 
  3. Keep on holding the power button till you hear the second beep sound. 
  4. Link your PS5 controller with a USB cable. 
  5. Hit the “PlayStation” button present on the controller. 
  6. Select the “Rebuild Database” option on the screen. 
  7. Wait for a while and turn your PS5 console back on to check for the issue. 

Method #7: Performing a Factory Reset 

If nothing else has worked for you in stopping your PS5 console from turning off often, you can go for a factory reset. However, before resetting your device, ensure to back up all the data and follow these steps. 

  1. Go to the “Settings” menu on your PS5 console. 
  2. Select the “System” option. 
  3. Head to the “System Software” option. 
  4. Choose “Reset Options.” 
  5. Hit the “Reset Your Console” option. 
  6. Select “Reset” on the screen for confirmation.
  7. Wait until the reset process completes, and switch on the console to see if the problem persists. 


Conclusion – Why Does My PS5 Keep Turning Off? Causes & Fixes! 

If you have been facing an issue with your PS5 console where it keeps turning off randomly while you are playing games on it, we hope this troubleshooting guide will prove to be helpful to you. 

To sum up the guide, here are all the solutions that can help you eliminate the PS5 keeps turning off error and enjoy your favorite games without any hassle: 

  • Checking the Console for Overheating 
  • Checking or Replacing the Power Cable 
  • Updating the System Software 
  • Using the HDMI Device Link 
  • Disabling the Rest Mode 
  • Rebuilding the Database
  • Performing a Factory Reset 

Ensure to follow all these steps carefully, and to save time, don’t room around looking for more methods, as at least one of the methods mentioned above will solve the problem for you. Don’t forget to share your experience with us. Happy Gaming! 


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