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Ever thought about where can you find your PS5 serial number? At times when you need some assistance from customer service, you will need to have your PS5 serial number handy and if you are here landed by searching for terms such as where to find my PS5 serial number, then this guide is going to be valuable for you. So let’s not waste time and scroll down towards it.


Where can I find the PS5 serial number?

If you’re looking for your PS5 serial number, then you need to check on the following steps that we are sharing below-

  • Take out your PlayStation 5 package box.
  • Now look for your PS5 serial number on the bottom of the package.
  • You will find the number covered with a base.
  • Remove the base and you will have the PS5 serial number along with the model.
  • It’s done.

You do not need to go anywhere or desperately search for it online as your gaming console’s original package will contain all such information. Do not waste time searching for the same in the manual as it will be generic and will not have such specific detail. 


Why do we need a PS5 serial number?

You need your PS serial number for various things. For eg, if you’re looking out for some specific settings, you will need to have your serial and model number to find the same. Similarly, if you are looking to contact PlayStation customer services for any assistance required, the first thing they will ask will be your PS5 serial number and thus, you will need to know it. 


Can a serial number be used to track a PS5?

No, although every gaming console will come with a separate and unique serial number, you surely can not use it to track your PS5 in case of theft or loss. In this case, you will have to file a complaint and can also contact Sony regarding the same. They will not be able to track it but can surely take note of it. However, even for sharing this, you will have to share your PS5 serial number.


Is the PS5 model number and serial number the same thing?

No, even though many people mistakenly consider the both same, they are two different things used for different usage. You will find both on your gaming console package. Also, ensure that you know both, your PS5 serial number and PS5 model number before you reach out to customer care of Sony.


Wrapping up,

We hope that we have served you with the right information in this guide and now that we’re towards the end of this guide, you have gotten the answer to all your query regarding your PS5 serial number. However, if you are still unsure about a step or query, feel free to comment down and let us know.




1- How to know if my serial number is the correct one?

To check whether you’re using the correct serial number for your PS5, you need to ensure these two things-

  • Your PS5 serial number will be 11 characters.
  • You can find the serial number at the bottom of your gaming console package.

2- How to know if my PS5 model number is the correct one?

If you’re looking for your PS5 model number, then you need to look out for these important facts-

  • Your PS5 model number format will look like CFI+100X+A/B.
  • Here, you will not find any changes in the CFI letters as they stay the same for everyone.
  • The A/B letter will depend on your model of PS5.
  • You can find it located at the bottom of your gaming console’s original package.

3- What to do if I don’t find my PS5 serial number on the package?

Your PS5 serial number will be there placed vertically on the package of the gaming console. You will have to remove the base first and check it. It will be in a form of a sticker. However, it is unlikely to happen but if it is damaged and you can’t find it, you need to inform customer service and they will check the same with the console.



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