[SOLVED] PS5 Can’t Recognise the Disc

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Waiting to play your favourite game but ouch, the PS5 can’t recognize the disc? If this is something you also can relate to, then this guide is made for you. Why? Because here, we are not just going to talk about the reasons but also the step-by-step methods via which you can easily fix the PS5 that can’t recognize the disc issue. So let’s take a look-


What causes the PS5 can’t recognize the disc issue?

So there can be various reasons why your PS5 is not able to recognise the disc. It may happen because of some random particle stuck on your console or maybe a hardware or software glitch. Other than that, there are chances that it is happening because you might be running it for so long that it started appearing as such issues. No matter what is the case with you, you can fix it with the methods that we are going to talk about-


Methods to fix the PS5 can’t recognize the disc issue

So let us talk about the methods in depth-

1- Insert it correctly

The very first thing one should do if your PS5 can not recognize the disc is to check whether you have inserted it properly or, not. There can be two possible ways to insert it. One is vertical and the other one, of course, is, horizontal. Now if you had to take it horizontally, then make sure that-

  • Ensure that the labelled side of the disc is facing up and not down.
  • It should be well-fitted to the disk drive slot.
  • While inserting it, make sure that you keep the disc drive on the lower side while the PS logo should be on top of it.

If you’re positioning it vertically, then ensure that-

  • Ensure that it should be well connected to the disk drive slot.
  • Make sure that the labelled side should be kept on the left while putting it.


2- Reboot it on safe mode

You can for sure start it with a simple restart but if it won’t work which it might not, then you should try restarting the console on safe mode. If you do that, it will not let any other third-party app interfere with the UI. Now let us follow these steps to reboot the PS5 in safe mode-

  • Press and hold the power button of your gaming console for a few seconds.
  • Wait until it is turned off. Once it is, keep pressing the same button for a few more seconds until you hear a single beep.
  • Once you hear the beep, press the button again for a few seconds.
  • Now connect your PS5 controller to a USB cable.
  • Press the PS button located on your controller.
  • Now you can see it in safe mode. Tap on Restart PS5.
  • It’s done.


3- Clean your drive 

One of the reasons why it can not be located could be that your disc drive may be dirty, and it requires some cleaning. Also, it might happen that there may be some dirt or object stuck due to which it can not be read.

It is very essential to clean it with the help of a lint-free cleaning cloth and along with that, use the spray that is meant for cleaning the blue-ray discs only. It will clear off all the dirt. You must wipe it all from the centre to the edges neatly. If you think that there’s some object stuck inside the console, you need to follow the following steps.

Note- Before you start, you must have a crosshead screwdriver and a flashlight.

  • First, you need to turn off the PS5 console by holding the power button for almost 3-5 seconds.
  • Once it is turned off, disconnect all the devices and cables from the console. 
  • Now keep the console in place and remove its base first.
  • Keep your console upside down and let the PS logo be on the down side while the disc slot will be on your left side.
  • Now take off the cover by pulling it off. 
  • Now with the help of the cross-hatch screwdriver, turn off all the screws clockwise.
  • Now you can see the screws visible. Start taking them off. 
  • Remove the disc gently. See if there’s any object stuck.
  • Now you need to take on the bottom cover by sliding it a bit. 
  • Fit all the screws in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • Reconnect it. 


4- Factory reset your PS5 gaming console 

The last option if you aren’t able to do anything else is to factory reset your PS5. Although it will make all the default settings applicable back again and you will not be able to find all the games and files you have downloaded, it may fix the problem. Therefore, we advise our readers to take a backup on a hard disk or to the PlayStation Plus cloud storage so that even after the factory reset, you can restore the data. 

If you want to take a backup on the PlayStation Plus cloud, follow the given steps-

  • First, go to the home screen and navigate to Settings.
  • Now tap on Saved data and game/app settings.
  • Click on Saved Data.
  • Now tap on Console Storage, and click on a game you want to select.
  • Tap on Upload it to cloud storage.

If you want to take a backup with an external drive, follow the following-

  • First, you need to connect your USB drive to your console. You can find a port either on the front or the back side of it.
  • Now go to the home screen.
  • Tap on Settings and navigate to System.
  • Now go to System Software and go to Back-up and Restore.
  • Now go to Backup your PS5.
  • Now select the one that you want to take a backup of. 
  • Tap on Next.
  • Now you can see the name and size of the file. Tap on Backup.
  • It will restart the console and will take a backup.
  • Wait until the Backup completes and tap on OK.

Now to perform a factory reset, follow the following steps-

  • First, open Settings.
  • Now tap on System and go to Reset Options.
  • Now tap on Reset your console.
  • Tap on Reset.

Wrapping up,

These were the methods via which you can easily fix the PS5 that can’t recognize the disk issue. All these methods that we have shared below are not just tried and tested but also officially proven too. However, if you have tried everything and are still not able to fix it, then the chances are bright that the disk is heavily damaged and you need to get it changed in such a case.


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