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Apple wants a bezel-less screen for its iPhones, and Samsung might be holding the key to this. According to a post from leaker @UniverseIce on X, Samsung made a demonstration of the “breakthrough display technologies” it has been exploring, including UPC (Under Panel Camera) and the “zero bezel.”

Samsung "zero bezel" presentation image leak
Image Credit: @UniverseIce on X

This translates to an exciting piece of news for Apple, which reportedly requested its suppliers to “develop OLED that removes all iPhone front bezels.” These partners include Samsung and LG, which are known to produce displays for Apple. And given that Samsung is apparently continuing to pursue the concept of “zero bezel” in its recent presentation, it might mean that the South Korean company is getting closer to what Apple wants… or maybe not at all.

In the photo shared by @UniverseIce, Samsung indicates that its zero-bezel “all around full screen” employs 3D lamination, which allows it to inject curved screen edges for its smartphone creations and practically produce bezel-less models. Unfortunately, this is not what Apple envisions for its future bezel-less iPhones. In July, the Cupertino giant reportedly turned down the idea of employing the curved edge displays already being used in some Samsung smartphones. According to a report, aside from the optical distortion effect, Apple is also concerned about the durability of curved displays, which won’t be able to cater to the other planned improvements of Apple for its iPhones.

At that time, the Korean website The Elec shared that to implement the bezel-less OLED design, Samsung and LG will reportedly have to improve thin-film encapsulation and UPC technologies while securing space for the antenna and reducing interference problems. Unfortunately, the report says, “It is still a technology that requires time to apply to mass production.” With this, while Samsung’s persistent work on “zero bezel” sounds promising, Apple might still have to wait a little longer until the South Korean company really produces the actual “bezel-less” display it wants for its iPhone.


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