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In a recent thread on Reddit, a user asked others whether they were “generally becoming less excited” about the new iPhones. The topic attracted the attention of other users, resulting in interesting insights from current iPhone customers.

“I’ve nearly always had an iPhone but after we got to around the iPhone 6 mark, my interest in the models that came after just kept dropping,” the original poster shared, but added that age might also be a reason behind this feeling. “A part of me thinks it’s related to age. Early 30s now and I prioritise my income on more important things, like saving for a property.”

While others supported that age plays a huge role in this, many participants in the conversation pointed to the marginal changes and improvements being introduced to the new iPhones.

“What would one be excited for?” started a participant. “Yet another price increase, little improvements, yet again holding back standard features to make more money,” a user commented, with others saying the current premium prices of iPhones (and the rumored price hike) made them less interested in the upcoming line.”

“I think it’s just the fact that it doesn’t really grow in innovation anymore,” another commented. “The upgrades are becoming less appealing every year – in the beginning there were lots of innovations every couple of years but I don’t think the iPhone has seen a big change since the X (?) with Face ID.”

Meanwhile, others stressed how Apple is behind its competitors, who are already exploring more advanced features while it is still at the start of introducing typical additions like a Type-C port. Some also underlined the features Android users are already enjoying, echoing Google’s remarks in June. To recall, the search giant released a series of ad campaign clips during the said month, comparing the iPhone 14 and Pixel phones in many ways. Unsurprisingly, Google humorously boasted Pixel’s “so sharp” photos and wireless Battery Share charging feature, giving the iPhone 14 an unpleasing image.

On the other hand, other Reddit users mentioned the flipping and folding form factors Apple’s rivals are offering, putting it a few more steps behind others. It is important to note, nonetheless, that recent rumors indicate that Apple is already exploring other form factors, including flipping screens. Unfortunately, reports that will support the phone’s existence are still scarce.

Ultimately, others believe that smartphone tech, in general, has plateaued, explaining the overall attitude of customers toward the idea of embracing new phones in these times. This is an interesting insight that complements the recent reports about the continuous poor condition of the smartphone market, which affects many companies, including Apple. In a recent report, Counterpoint Research even believes that this will continue the entire year, making 2023 “the worst year for global smartphone shipments in ten years.” If true, this means a disaster not only for Apple — which is hoping to make its upcoming iPhone 15 series an attractive upgrade for its customers — but also for the entire smartphone industry that continues to suffer in the current problematic state of the market.


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