What is AppSelector?

What is AppSelector?

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AppSelector by definition is an application manager and downloader that provides you with feasibility to easily select and install applications. The feature comes handy when you are first setting up your device and do not wish to go through the hassle of downloading applications one-by-one manually.

The application is developed by T-Mobile and first appears when you begin setting up your new device. Once your new device bundled with AppSelector is set up, AppDSelector will send you a notification that contains three options to choose from: ‘Open’, ‘Delay for later’, and ‘Skip’.

AppSelector can assist you with the installation of applications after you perform a factory reset on your device too. AppSelector can give you app installation options again since a factory reset brings the phone back to the state it was in when you first paid for it. Just as it was for the initial setup, AppSelector provides you with the same notification with three options when you factory reset your device too.

Here is what the three options mentioned above mean:

  • Open: Tapping on Open will open the AppSelector. Tap on Open from the notifications to open the application, AppSelector. You will be asked a few options that will help the AppSelector come up with better app recommendations. You can download the applications you want to keep on the device, when you have the list of applications from which to choose. The list is based on the recommendations provided by AppSelector subjective to the answers you chose initially.
  • Delay for later: Delay for later notification comes on your device 15 minutes after the initial setup has taken place. If you choose ‘Delay for later’ you will have the notification stored in the status bar until it has manually been turned off from the Settings. 
  • Skip: If you ‘Skip’ the notification by AppSelector, you will never be notified again. You can, however, manually navigate to AppSelector from amongst the Applications list on your device and use the easy app installation feature if you want. The ‘Skip’ option from AppSelector gives you the freedom to never be notified from AppSelector again. If at some point later, you wish to use the application, you can easily do so by manually navigating to AppSelector from the Applications list under the device’s Settings. With AppSelector you can use the easy app installation feature anytime you want without having to worry that you chose to ‘Skip’ the AppSelector notification previously.

You can find App Selector in the device’s app settings once the setup is complete. The applications downloaded through AppSelector can be found in your tray, just like all other downloaded applications.


Is AppSelector safe? 

Yes, AppSelector is completely safe to use and keep on your device. Why? Because the developers of the application have a clean background and it comes from one of the most trusted network providers, T-Mobile.

Most people know what T-Mobile is. It is a brand name used by the subsidiaries of the German telecommunications company, that is called Deutsche Telekom AG. 

T-Mobile US is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG and operates a wireless network. If you have used Verizon or AT&T services before, you could think of T-Mobile as a parallel competition to both these network operators popular in the US. 

If you have used either AT&T or Verizon before, T-Mobile is a similar competition to these network operators in the US.

Thus, in conclusion, you can say that AppSelector comes from a reliable background with reliable developers and is safe and legitimate to both use and keep on your device.


What does AppSelector do?

When you need to download applications to the device for the first time, AppSelector can come in handy. You don’t have to go to the Play Store to download individual apps when you have a phone that’s more or less ready to be used immediately after the setup.

AppSelector will give you a list of app recommendations that are based on a few answers you provide on the questions asked when you first open the app. This way you can stumble across some really useful applications that you didn’t know existed or you needed. 


Can you uninstall AppSelector? Is it safe to do so?

Yes you can easily uninstall AppSelector from your phone. Although AppSelector comes pre-installed with certain Android devices, it can be uninstalled easily, just like any other application you download from verified application downloading stores such as Google Play Store.

How to uninstall AppSelector from your device?

You can easily turn off the notifications if you don’t want to use AppSelector on your device. Follow the steps listed below to remove notifications from AppSelector.

  • Go to the status bar on your device.
  • You can now see AppSelector Experience notification from the display.
  • The back button on your device should be pressed once you have tapped the notification.
  • You will be asked to pick between Now and Later. 


How to fix issues with AppSelector?

These are the steps you should follow if you are experiencing issues with AppSelector.

Issue – Error message “Oops.. something went wrong” appears

  • At least 2 bars of signal are needed for the app to function.
  • Make sure the device has a working cellular modem.
  • If Airplane Mode is turned on, make sure it’s off.
  • To check the device’s internet connection, open the app and press “try again”.

Issue – Apps that were selected, do not appear in the app tray

  • The device should have at least two bars of signal.
  • Make sure that the device has access to cellular data.
  • Airplane Mode should not be turned on.
  • Wait between 5 and 10 minutes to give the device time to download the apps.
  • If the apps don’t show up after 10 minutes, then you should download them through the Play Store.

What is AppManager?

AppManager is an application developed by T-Mobile, the same developers behind AppSelector. AppManager provides you with a quick and easy way to find and remove applications that you have not used in a while. It also provides you with the feasibility of discovering new apps from a single application.

The AppManager, unlike AppSelector, does not launch right after you set up your device. Instead, it is activated 60 days after setting up your device or performing a factory reset on it. Once activated, you will be given two options in the form of notifications, either to open the application or dismiss the notification. 

If you dismiss the notification, it will appear two more times within 24 hours. After 3 dismisses, you will not receive another notification from AppManager again and the experience will not be launched. 

On the other hand, if you choose to open the AppManager once it has been activated after 60 days of device setup, you can see a list of unused applications and you can choose which applications you still want to keep and which you want to uninstall. 

All applications are free to download in AppManager. 3rd party app providers may have associated costs for individual apps, such as in-app purchases or subscription offers.

Is AppManager safe?

Yes, just like AppSelector, AppManager comes from T-Mobile and is a safe and legitimate application. In fact, AppManager can not operate without AppSelector. 

AppManager serves to prompt you to uninstall unused and unnecessary applications on your device after a certain time window while also allowing you to discover new apps. It does not intend to harm your device in any means. 

What devices come with AppManager?

AppManager is an exclusive application on LG K51 and Samsung A11 and A21, as well as T-Mobile and Metro devices by T-Mobile customers.

Can you uninstall AppManager?

Yes, you can easily uninstall AppManager from the device, just as you could AppSelector. To uninstall AppManager, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the Settings on your device.
  • Now, tap on Apps or Apps & Notifications Settings based on your device.
  • Now, locate the AppManager.
  • Now, tap on ‘Uninstall’ and simply uninstall the applications.


What is App Stack?

App Stack is a bloatware that is found mostly on Sprint variants of Samsung Galaxy phones, for example Sprint variants of Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9. It displays advertisements for applications.

These applications that App Stack shows ads of are mostly not even installed on your phone and App Stack prompts you to install them. These ads come in the form of push notifications that you can view by toggling the notifications panel.

If you place the widget of App Stack on your Samsung device’s home screen, it may be empty for a while. After some time, the widget for App Stack may start showing you ads for different applications, mostly entertainment and game applications that may or may not already be installed on your device.

Can you turn off notifications for App Stack?

Yes, you can turn off notifications for App Stack. If you would like to keep the app, but turn off the notifications you can easily do so by 

Can you delete App Stack?

Yes, you can delete App Stack from your Samsung device. It is uninstallable since it does not come bundled with Samsung’s OS and is not a pre-installed application either. 

The thing is that you will not be able to uninstall App Stack conventionally, i.e, by long pressing the application icon and tapping on Uninstall next. Instead, you will have to go to Settings and search for ‘App Stack’ in the Applications List under Settings. 

Next, tap on it and then you will be having an ‘Uninstall’ option. Tsap on ‘Uninstall’, confirm your choice and App Stack should be gone from your phone (for good).

Is it safe to delete App Stack?

Some Android users are worried that deleting App Stack may cause the phone or some other applications to misbehave. However, this is not the case. If you do not require the app (which you most probably won’t), you can simply uninstall it from Settings, as elucidated above.

App Stack is nothing but a bloatware that shows you random ads for installing different (mostly bloatware), thus, uninstalling it is not only safe but also the wiser decision.


Are App Stack and AppStack the same?

No, App Stack and AppStack are not the same. In fact, AppStack stands in a deep contrast to App Stack bloatware. Since we already know what App Stack is, let us get to understanding what AppStack by Samsung is and how it is different from App Stack.

App Stack is a marketplace for business owners, managers, and IT professionals. You can find, subscribe to, and manage cloud apps for use on third-party devices using AppStack.

Businesses can save time and money by using the cloud software marketplace for their business, which is called Samsung AppStack. Appstack has been designed to assist businesses in finding the apps that work for them and spend less on the apps that they need. With this comes exclusive discounts on apps and simplified application management.

Cloud-based business software is becoming more and more popular with small businesses. Small and medium sized businesses are planning to invest more in mobility due to its crucial role in their business, but costs and complexity are barriers to cloud-based application adoption. AppStack was created to help businesses overcome challenges.


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