What is com.android.server.telecom? | Meaning and Error Fix

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If you are here, you probably noticed com.android.server.telecom in the used apps of Google activity, and now you want to know everything related to it. If it’s true, you have come to the right place. We have tried to cover everything about this app package, including how to fix the com.android.server.telecom stopping problem.

com.android.server.telecom Meaning

The com.android.server.telecom is the app package name that is the part of Android telecom framework. Telecom framework’s responsibility is to manage calls like sim-based, VOIP using SIP (SipConnectionService), or via a third-party VOIP connection service. There are two package names, com.android.telecom, which is stored in Userspace, and com.android.server.telecom, which works with the help of android system server (the heart of Android OS).

The Explanation for People With Low-Tech Knowledge

Three things are connected here: 

  1. com.android.server.telecom (a software framework responsible for calling).
  2. Telephony, the dialer app.
  3. The phone modem

Users use the dialer app to make phone calls and the com.android.server.telecom framework does the phone call by controlling the phone modem. 

How to Fix “Unfortunately, com.android.server.telecom Has Stopped” Problem?

People have reported seeing the com.android.server.telecom has stopped message when they receive calls. You can try multiple methods, and at least one of them should fix the issue for you. 

Solution 1) Clear Dialer App Data

  1. Go to device Settings.
  2. Tap on Applications.
  3. Find and tap on the Dialer app.
  4. Finally, Clear data.

Solution 2) Change the Ring Tone

Try changing the ring tone and if possible, consider setting your default ringtone to any preinstalled ring tone. There are multiple reasons why a solution like this works in this case. Even though the probability of working is slightly low compared to other solutions, but it’s easy to change your ringtone, so we recommend trying this.

Solution 3) Boot up Your Device in Safe Mode

Safe mode temporarily disables all the third-party apps and only lets you access the default apps like dialer, messages, and contacts. Booting up your device in safe mode is one of the best ways to check if any third-party app is causing problems. 

The steps for booting up your device using the interface can be different depending upon your Android OS version that’s why we have mentioned the steps to turn on safe mode with side keys. The method works for most Android devices, but if it does not work for you, you can search and find a guide on how to boot up your particular device in safe mode. 

  1. Press and hold the Power button and select Power off to turn off your device.
  2. Wait for your device to turn off properly, and then press and hold the Power button until you see the logo of your device manufacturer.
  3. Release the Power button and quickly press and hold the Volume Down button until the device turns on.

Now you should be able to see “Safe mode” in the bottom-left corner of your screen. If you stop getting the “Unfortunately, com.android.server.telecom has stopped” then the reason is most likely to be a malfunctioning third-party app that’s conflicting with the system apps. You have to manually identify the app by uninstalling recently installed, or apps by less trusted developers. 

Solution 4) Wipe Cache Partition

Wiping cache partition removes all the temporary files, which can be the reason behind malfunctioning apps. Wiping cache partition is completely safe, and it does not erase your important data, so feel free to do it.

  1. Turn off your device. 
  2. Press and hold the Power button + Volume Up + Volume Down.
  3. Now the device will boot up in the Recovery Mode menu, use the volume buttons to navigate, and the Power button to select Wipe Cache Partition.
  4. Once the process is completed, select Restart and check if the message issue is gone.

Solution 5) Check for Firmware Update

You can check for firmware update and download the update if available. There can be a small bug fixes update or a newer Android version; both of them can sometimes fix issues like this. To check for updates, go to settings and search for Software Update; in older Android versions, it can be found in the About phone menu. If you can’t find the option, search it using the search bar present on top of the settings menu or find a guide on Google. Keep in mind if your device already has the latest software, there’s nothing that you can do about it; if that’s your case, check out our next solution. 

Solution 6) Install a Custom or Stock ROM

If nothing is working for you, this solution should. You can install a custom or stock ROM, but installing a custom ROM voids the warranty, and sometimes it can go wrong if you have no idea what you are doing. We recommend installing a stock ROM for multiple reasons, including easy-to-follow steps. 

The process of flashing a custom or stock ROM can be different depending upon the device manufacturers. Usually, device manufacturers offer firmware flashing software and stock ROM on their website; you can download and install the flashing software on your PC and the stock ROM for your device and watch a tutorial or follow dedicated guides focused on the topic to successfully complete the task. 


What Is the Difference Between Android Incallui and Android Server Telecom?

IncallUi contains important files of the dialer app; in simple words, it offers a User interface so the users can dial numbers, check call logs, and other interactive features like end call, mute, speaker mode buttons. While Android Server Telecom manages sim-based and VOIP calls by controlling the phone modem. 


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