What Is Sim Toolkit? Can You Remove It or Stop Its Flash Messages?

What Is Sim Toolkit? Can You Remove It or Stop Its Flash Messages?

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Sim toolkit is an app that comes pre-installed on Android devices, most people have no idea what does it do that’s the reason some people think it is a virus/malware/tracker, but it’s not true. For some people, the Sim toolkit can show annoying flash messages but it’s a safe app.

In this article, we have explained everything you need to know including how to disable or remove the Sim toolkit and get rid of notifications. We have also covered what to do if the Sim toolkit is missing on your device and where to download it if you find it useful. 

SIM Toolkit Meaning

SIM Toolkit (commonly referred to as STK) is an Android app that provides services like Hello tunes, Astrology, News, Jokes, etc. These services are provided by your service provider, For example, if you use a T-mobile SIM card, the SIM Toolkit app will let you use only services provided by T-mobile. 

Why Do You Have 2 Sim Toolkit Apps?

In Dual sim phones, it’s normal to see two Sim Toolkit apps. If your phone has two SIM cards, you would need two Sim toolkit apps for both service providers. Keep in mind it does not matter if both SIM cards are of the same service provider or not, For example, if you use two SIM cards by At&t, both numbers will require a separate app. 

In some instances, there can be more than two SIM toolkit apps but usually, a buggy third-party launcher is a reason behind that. 


How to Fix Sim Toolkit Flash Messages Problem

Sim Toolkit invalid input and other error flash messages are rare but once you start seeing them pop up on your screen, they don’t stop. Sometimes restarting the phone fixes the issue but in most cases, a faulty sim card is the reason behind the flash messages. But before you replace the sim card, try clearing the app cache and data. If that does not work try the following solution: 

  1. Eject the SIM card that’s causing the flash message problem. (If you have two SIM cards, you will have to identify which one is causing the issue).
  2. Clean the SIM card with a cloth, make sure the golden chip are is clean.
  3. Insert the SIM back into the device.
  4. Hopefully, you will not see SIM Toolkit flash messages again. 

If cleaning the SIM card does not fix the issue, you will have to replace the SIM card. You can contact your service provider and get a new SIM card of the same phone number. 


Can You Remove Sim Toolkit App

On Android devices, you can delete any app you want even if it’s a system app but it’s better to ignore apps you are not using instead of uninstalling or disabling them. The SIM Toolkit app can be disabled in some Android versions but in most neither it can be disabled nor it can be uninstalled like you can disable or uninstall third-party installed apps. 

But following methods can be used to disable/uninstall the SIM Toolkit app.

Method 1) Using a Third-Party App 

There are some third-party Android apps that can remove system apps but we have noticed that some app removers do not recognize the Sim Toolkit app. Also, most app removers require root access of your device. If your device is already rooted you can try these app removers, if that does not work, try method 2. 

Method 2) Using ADB 

ADB (Android debug bridge) is a command-line tool usually used for communicating with an Android device. ADB does not require root access to be used, you can use it to disable/enable, or permanently uninstall any app you want. 

    1. Go to Settings.
    2. Then go to System About phone Software Information.
    3. Keep tapping the Build number until it activates Developer Options.
    4. Go back to the main settings menu and tap Developer Options.
    5. Enable USB debugging.
    6. Download ADB on your computer.
    7. Extract the ZIP file into any folder you want. 
    8. Once extraction is done, open the folder that has the ZIP file.
    9. Press and hold the shift button and right-click in a blank area.
    10. Click “Open Powershell window here.”
    11. Enter adb devices command.
    12. Connect your Android device to the computer with a USB cable. 
    13. Run the command adb shell pm disable –user 0 com.android.stk to remove the app.      

You can also uninstall the app instead of disabling it by replacing “disable” with “uninstall” in the final command.   


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