Why Can’t I See Who Liked My Posts on Facebook?
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Likes on Facebook posts come from two main places. They both seem to wind up in the same location, but getting there isn’t always smooth sailing.

Direct likes from your Facebook friends and followers are the initial source of popularity. These obviously do not have transition faults, but they do have other problems, which will be discussed in more detail below.

When scripting is used, it can muck up your analytics a little. Consider some of these possibilities if your widget’s likes aren’t displaying.

Plugin Installation

Make sure the plugin is installed and functioning correctly before proceeding. Did you ensure that all fields were filled out correctly when you made the plugin via the Facebook developers menu? Take note of the URL and make sure it works.

Was the correct code copied and pasted into the plugin’s installation? Some of the code may be corrupted in the process of moving from one format to another, especially if it was inserted into a temporary document and then copied and pasted again.

URL Discrepancies

It’s important to note that when working with actual code, each URL is separate and different. This contributes to duplicate content in SEO and may lead to inaccurate like counts being reported. If you’re comparing the stats from your third-party tool to those in Facebook’s Insights panel, you can run into this problem.

Display Discrepancies

Is what you mean by saying your Facebook likes aren’t showing up to be that their appearance varies from one location to another? For instance, the number of “likes” displayed on the Facebook Like Button plugin may not correspond with the actual number of page likes.

There are a few possible explanations for this: either the button is only displaying the likes that were obtained through that button, or it is just displaying the likes on the specific post it is showing currently, rather than on your page as a whole. Sometimes, instead of just showing the number of likes, it will show the total number of likes, shares, and comments.

You may be sure that Facebook is not either ignoring or censoring your likes. If there is a mismatch between what is shown and what actually occurred, it is likely due to variations in how the data was calculated.

Even if we exclude the aforementioned, there are still rare occasions where different people reading the same Facebook post will show different counts of likes.

As the administrator of a page, there may be occasions when you see a user like your page but the like doesn’t register in your analytics. While the actual number of likes on a page should remain constant, there are times when admins of the same page report vastly different overall like counts.

Access Restrictions

The proprietors of certain pages have their settings set to private, making it difficult for many people to “like” the page. This becomes problematic when someone claims to have liked a page, but the like is disregarded due to the limits in place.

Privacy Setting Restrictions

When a user “likes” a post, they can choose to share that with specific people or with the world at large. Many users make their data available to the world at large with no ill effects. In some cases, users may choose to hide their preferences.

This ensures that just the intended audience may observe the event. Sometimes they hide their likes entirely so that only they can see them. Someone may “like” your post, but you won’t see the number rise.

While as a page administrator, you may notice an increase in page likes even as contributors and regular users do not. Signing in as your page vs your personal account may also result in different views of your page’s or post’s traffic.


Steps to Hiding Likes on Facebook

What happens when you understand the steps involved in hiding the likes on Facebook? Well, it not only grants greater control but also eliminates online privacy issues. Indeed, with this, you can keep a check on your activities during the cybercrime era on the largest network worldwide. 

You can also control the page visits based on your preferences. Hiding likes also restrict the responses you get. All you have to do is navigate your way and use the settings menu on the application or Facebook website. 

If you are intrigued, you can now learn the steps to conceal the likes on your Facebook. Ensure to read the tutorial detailing the steps properly. Moreover, you can also easily change the modifications when you no longer wish to hide the likes. 

  • You can find the Settings access on your mobile by tapping the menu button, which is three horizontal lines. 
  • After this, you need to tap on the arrow to scroll down and reach the Settings and Privacy option.
  • Tap on the Settings option to get redirected to the right location 
  • Find the option to customize your reactions under the settings menu.
  • You will find a labeled option that says – “On a post from others” and “On your posts.” 
  • All you have to do is switch these on, and you will prevent hiding both the Likes and Comments. 
  • Now, the content you share will not show engagement to others. 


Hiding Page Likes: The Right Way

  • Redirect yourself to the profile section after launching the web browser for Facebook 
  • Go to the “More” section, and select it to access a drop-down list 
  • Ensure to click on the stacked ellipses present at the right corner of the page 
  • After that, you can choose the edit privacy option for your likes from that menu 
  • You will find another drop-down menu with easy-to-understand subheadings
  • You can click on the globe symbol present in the category to conceal the likes for Pages 
  • Consequently, you can choose the “Only me” option that will hide your likes on certain general pages 
  • Do not forget to click on the “Close” option before finishing to make the categories private

Note: You can choose to share certain Page information with close friends. 


How To See People Who Follow Your Facebook Page?

People may now do more than just “like” a Facebook page; they can really “follow” it too. Checking out who is following your Facebook page is another option, should you find such data useful.

To verify this, the procedure is similar to verifying your Facebook page’s “likes:”

  • To view the Facebook audience, open the page you wish to analyze.
  • Navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab on the left-hand side.
  • Select “People and Other Pages” from the list on the left.
  • A list of Facebook users who have liked your post will appear here.
  • Simply switch the dropdown menu from “People who like this Page” to “People who follow this Page” to reveal the list of followers.


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