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PotPlayer indeed is one of the top-notch media player apps but is not available for Mac and thus, Mac users have to look for its alternatives. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. Today, in this post, we are going to talk about the top 7 PotPlayer alternatives for Mac that you can use for free. Excited? Let us take a look at-


Best PotPlayer Alternatives for Mac

Let us scroll through the list-

1-VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player has always been that one tough open-source cross-platform multimedia player competitor of PotPlayer which is also a free one. Be it playing a VCD, DVD, Audio CD or any other streaming protocol, it works effortlessly.

Since it is completely free of charge, you can have all the possible features without paying a single penny.

One of the biggest reasons why people prefer using VLC is its user interface which is extremely easy to understand and other features such as advanced playback, being completely ad-free, Chromecast support, 4K support, decentralization and extensible plugins so that you can add the plug-ins to it adds on to the value. And since the app is extremely lightweight, you do not need a lot of space to install the same.

Pros Cons
  • Supports most of the formats.
  • Limited to only a few customization options.
  • Comes with 4K support.
  • Can not be used in an older version of macOS.
  • Completely free of cost.



IINA is that one modern alternative to PotPlayer for Mac users that one must try. It is a media player application where you can witness modern touch features with a sleek layout. Since it has a dark mode feature available, you can apply it and see the thrilling background. Like the above-mentioned alternative of PotPlayer, this media player is also entirely free-of-charge and is also accessible on GitHub. 

In addition, it comes with this picture-in-picture feature via which you can easily put any web page, application or video in a floating window and finding this feature in its competitor would be tough. It generally works with post-Yosemite design language and you will find various new features such as a touch bar, accessibility, subtitle support, clean and fair design, built-in themes, media streaming, force touch and more.

Pros Cons
  • Modern design and features
  • Updates will be comparatively slow.
  • Open source multi media player
  • Does not support airplay option.
  • Advanced features availability
  • Complicated UI


3- MPV Player

If you want your media player to support a wide range of video codecs, and audio and video file formats, then going for the MPV Player for your Macbook will be the finest choice that you can ever go with. It is a minimalistic design application that comes along with integrated codecs, HDR source support, drag and drop feature, video playback, low resource footprint and more. 

Talking about the user interface, it is one of those media players that people who’re keen on having an uncomplicated UI prefer. For playing any video file of your choice, users are required to go with the command line which is contrary to the typical traditional GUI interface. As it is an open-source application, it will be easier for you to change settings at your convenience and add plugins as per your usage to it.

On top of it, it is a free-of-cost application again and does not come with any premium version so you can access all the features for free. Standard features such as format compatibility, subtitles and more will be included. In the shell, it can be concluded that this media player application is more inclined towards those who’re not looking for a basic but an advanced player to use.

Pros Cons
  • Comes with fully customizable options.
  • Not preferred by beginner level.
  • Completely free of cost.
  • Supports dark mode option


4-Elmedia Player

ElMedia Player is also among those top-notch media players that deserve to be on this list of best PotPlayer alternatives for Mac. It is a one-stop solution for everyone who wants to watch a movie, play back-to-back videos, listen to music and more. Being highly compatible with both M1 and M2 chips, it becomes the best substitute for PotPlayer for Mac users. 

In fact, for Mac users, it will be even more compatible and accessible. All popular formats such as MP3, AVI, MP4, FLAC, DivX, FLV, WMV, SWF, and MP4 will be supportive and you do not need any high CPU usage for the same. Features such as picture-in-picture mode, equalizer, UI colour theme settings, support for external tracks, video tuner and video-audio synchronization are the major reasons why people go for this player.

One of the biggest reasons why we chose this player in this list is because you can even enjoy your video/audio files being used in the background while you can complete other tasks too. 

Pros Cons
  • Completely free of charge
  • Not supported by beginner-level users.
  • Compatible with both, M1 and M2
  • Supports almost all the formats.


5-GOM Player

GOM Player is one of those media players that is not only compatible with Mac but with almost all the OS available and supports M1 Chip. Like others in the list, it is also a free media player with no premium version that is based on codec finder integration which makes you download any codec from the given options easily. It works best with the VR and 360-degree videos that come along with the accessibility of offering multi-language subtitles.

It is compatible with almost all video and audio formats including DAT, WMV, DIVX, MOV, FLV, VOB, M4V, AVI, ASX, IFO, RMVB, OGM, MKV and 3GP2. You can take screenshots, edit the menu as per your usage, try the alter playback feature and do a lot more with the accessibility of user-friendly UI. Since the app keeps upgrading its versions with improved services, loop services and more, it is a win-win deal for anyone looking for a PotPlayer Alternative. 

Pros Cons
  • Supports all the formats.
  • Not very lightweight in comparison with other options.
  • Keeps on improving their versions
  • Entirely free of charge app


6-Cisdem Video Player

Cisdem Video Player is another great choice that people prefer for Mac. It is a completely free audio and video player that supports almost all media file types. For users who are keen to have high-resolution videos, Cisdem is the choice you must make as they play up to 5K and full HD 1080p videos effortlessly. And the best part?

There’s no additional plugins or codecs will be needed for the same. Talking about the formats supported, Cidsem keeps it easy by supporting more than 50 different formats for audio and video files. You will not witness any crashing or buffering time while playing any video and that makes it a high-quality video player that has one of the easiest interfaces for literally anyone and everyone.

You can also take screenshots in the mid of any video you’re playing through the application itself with great picture quality. Since it is a lightweight app, you will not have to have a lot of space required to install it. On top of it, it also supports both, internal and external subtitles and offers a complete set of playback control. 

Pros Cons
  • It supports both, external and internal subtitles.
  • Comes with a pro version which is not worth it.
  • Supports 5K and Full HD video streaming.
  • Compatible with almost more than 50 formats.


How to choose the best PotPlayer Alternative for Macs?

Although all of the media players available in the market for Mac are not just leading but dominating the industry for years but what is the parameter of choosing the most suitable PotPlayer alternative for your Macbook? There are many factors on which your choice among all of them will depend and to understand the same, let us go through all of it here-

  • Light weighted- The first thing you should look for while choosing the right multi-media player for your Mac is that it should be a lightweight application so that you can easily install it and use it without any lagging or crashing. The more lightweight it will be, the more easier and compatible it will be. 
  • Dark mode- Dark mode is quite a good theme for a multi-media player as if it comes with the dark mode feature, then it will be easier for any user to play the videos even in low-light conditions. It makes it easier and more attractive when it comes to the theme and layout in general. 
  • Portability- Before going for any random PotPlayer alternative, make sure that you check the portability of the same. In simple language, ensure that your video player can be used through a USB stick or not or does it require heavy installation? If it is portable enough, it will be easier for any user to use it. 
  • Ad-free- Most multi-media player comes with ads and it can be annoying when you want to surf disturb-free streaming of your favourite content. Check whether your video player has ads or is completely ad-free. Even if it is not completely ad-free, ensure that it has a comparatively low amount of ads. 
  • Support for 4K- If your main usage with the video player is streaming videos, make sure that it should be supporting 4k quality as it will give you an amazing HD quality streaming experience which you will not find in the ones which do not support 4K or ultra HD features.
  • Free of cost- One of the biggest factors is your budget. If you have some amount to spend, you can look for the paid alternatives of PotPlayer for Mac. However, if you’re looking for a free alternative, there are many such video players available and before you opt for one, ensure that it is completely free and has no premium version to offer so that you can enjoy all its features for free.
  • Easy UI- One of the biggest obstacles people find is the confusing interface. If your video player has that confusing interface, it will be very unlikely for any beginner to use it without any assistance thus, always go for the video player that has a plain, neat and clean interface that you can understand and comprehend with it easily. 



1- Which among the list is the best PotPlayer alternative for Mac?

Although all the given options we have listed are capable of being the best PotPlayer alternative for your Macbook, it also depends on your use case with the same. We do recommend using the VLC media player that is leading the industry for years. 

2- Is PotPlayer better than VLC?

It is unfair to pick one between VLC and PotPlayer as PotPlayer is indeed a faster and more user-friendly video player but is not available for Mac users whereas VLC has both the qualities and is also compatible with both M1 and M2 users. Other than that, it also is compatible with iOS, Linux, Android and more.

3- Is IINA a better choice than VLC for Mac?

Although IINA is a modern technology-based media player compatible with Mac, we still feel that VLC could be a better choice as it has a better UI and features while IINA comes with advanced features and an intuitive UI that is not understandable by every user.

4- Is it better to go for the free PotPlayer alternative for Mac?

If you are looking for extremely advanced features, then going for the paid video player will be beneficial but if not, a free video player also comes with most of the features that you would require in your video player. Also, we have listed many free PotPlayer alternatives for Macs from which you can make your preference. 


Wrapping up,

We hope that by now, you know which PotPlayer alternative you are looking to install on your Mac for the non-stop video streaming experience. We have tried including almost all the closely available alternatives that you can surely consider as your choice. Please let us know which one is your favourite among all. 


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