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Apple is here again to promote the filming power of its iPhone 15 Pro. This time, however, it is not simply a short clip but an entire event shot on iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The company revealed that detail at the end of the ‘Scary Fast’ Mac event on Monday, noting “all presenters, locations, and drone footage [were] shot on iPhone 15 Pro Max.” This makes it the first time the company used a Pro Max to film an entire half-hour event, suggesting its full confidence in the top-tier model to capture high-quality shots.

In the past, Apple usually just used Pro and Pro Max for filming short ads and music videos. For instance, during the unveiling of the iPhone 15 lineup, Olivia Rodrigo released her ‘get him back!’ music video, which was entirely shot on iPhone 15 Pro. During the peak of the iPhone 14 Pro, the company also released a handful of different video clips, including another official music video for the South Korean girl group NewJeans. With this recent move, however, it seems the company has finally decided to adopt the use of its iPhones for filming even its own events.

This is not surprising, nonetheless, as the company has always been enthusiastic about the improvements it made on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Some include:

  • Ability to shoot or record ProRes video directly to external storage
  • ProRes 4k up to 60fps
  • Log video recording
  • Academy Color Encoding System
  • 5x zoom
  • Ability to capture spatial videos “later this year”


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