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Apple published a new support document to guide its customers who are planning to buy old iPhones from other sources instead of brand-new ones from the company itself. The move follows a recent report indicating that the second-hand iPhone market is growing.

According to CSS Insight earlier this week, there will be 1.3 billion iPhones in circulation by the end of the year, and half of them will be old units. It noted that the “very well organised supply now in the secondary market” allows this second-hand trend to grow. The report added that the iPhone is the top brand in the second-hand smartphone market, making Apple the most dominant company in this category. As such, the Cupertino giant has a few reminders for buyers of its second-hand iPhones, whether from third-party online platforms or in-person.

The newly-published document touches on the basics of buying second-hand iPhones. For online purchases, the document notes the importance of device certification, buying from a reliable seller, and knowing the store’s return policy. It also instructs customers not to buy Activation Locked devices, which could limit their access due to Apple’s strict password system. Ultimately, the document stresses that it is necessary to immediately inspect units after receiving them, suggesting customers to “find out if the iPhone has any physical damage, the health of the battery, and the parts and service history of the iPhone” if possible.

For in-person transactions, on the other hand, the company highly underscores the need to check the physical status of the unit. It also provides instructions on how users can determine whether some parts of iPhones have been replaced and the status of other parts, including the camera, microphone, display, speakers, and Wi-Fi. Aside from those, the document includes instructions on how to check the second-hand iPhone’s battery health alongside SIM restrictions.

Apple’s document also echoes some segments of the CSS report, saying, “A preowned iPhone can be a great way to own an iPhone.” Yet, as the CSS believes, Apple won’t always take this matter lightly as second-hand iPhones could soon threaten its revenue in the future. In that case, enjoy it while Apple is still promoting the use of its second-hand units.


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