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There are two ways you can change your AT&T phone number. The first way you can change your AT&T phone number is by going to the myAT&T app, signing up, and following the steps enlisted below:

Here’s how to make the change on myAT&T:

  • Proceed to Change Your Mobile Number.
  • You will need to scroll to the device for which you want to change the number and then select it.
  • To obtain a new number, just follow the on-screen prompts.

If you need assistance, you can also contact us or go to a store that is conveniently located near you.

If you are using AT&T Prepaid Service, you will need to contact AT&T again in order to proceed with the process of changing your phone number. Additionally, a change fee in the amount of $25 will be charged to either your credit card or bank account.

What To Know:

  • If you change your phone number, you will also need to change your voicemail. Because At&T is unable to transfer your messages, you should make sure to jot down any messages that you deem particularly important before making the switch.
  • It is important that you are aware that a change fee of $36 will be applied if you have wireless service after the initial activation period of 30 days. If you activated your service within the first thirty days, there will be no charge for doing so.


The second method you can change your AT&T phone number is by going to an AT&T store and asking them for assistance. They will guide you through a process using which you can change your AT&T number in a hassle-free manner.


What to do after you get your new number?

  • Make sure the people on your contact list know about your new number. Anyone who dials your old number will hear an automated message informing them that it is no longer in service.
  • Make a brand new greeting for your voicemail.
  • Do you own an iPhone®? If you want to make use of Visual Voicemail, you will need to sync your device with your Apple ID.
  • Make sure that the wireless number associated with your user ID is up to date.
  • Find out how to keep your marketing and privacy preferences up to date.
  • If you use TXT-2-PAY, make sure your phone number is up to date with the service.


How to Change Your Number on an AT&T Go Phone?

AT&T Go Phone is a new cell phone service from the company that gives customers more choices. With a Go Phone, you can buy a phone at the store without having to sign up for a service plan first.

Pay-as-you-go options are available once you have the phone. If you choose to pay as you go, you will only be charged for the time that you actually use. Monthly subscriptions are required if a plan is selected.

Step 1

Go back to the place where you bought it and show them your phone. The AT&T/Cingular store is the only option if you purchased it from a non-AT&T/Cingular store, such as Walmart or Best Buy.

Step 2

Changing your phone number is as simple as bringing your phone into the store and telling the staff there that you wish to do so. As soon as you purchase your phone, your phone number will be included in the package. AT&T will be able to change your phone number, even if you don’t get to pick it up.

Step 3

Pay the fee to change your phone number. A Go Phone number change will cost you around $30. For free, you can get a new phone number if you sign up for a new account, but you won’t be able to transfer your old balance. A number change and a fee are the only options for transferring your account balance. Please note that your new phone number will be active the next day.


How to Add Minutes to an ATT Prepaid Phone?

Customers who don’t want a yearly contract can get an AT&T prepaid phone. AT&T prepaid phones, also known as GoPhone, have a pre-loaded dollar amount that can be used to pay for minutes.

If you’re running low on minutes on your phone, you can buy a prepaid card or recharge your account online.

Add money over the phone or on the internet

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can add money over the internet or on the phone:

Step 1

Go to att.com/mygophone to access the GoPhone website. 611 from your prepaid phone, 800-901-9878 if you’re a Pay As You Go customer or 866-499-7888 for Pick Your Plan customers can be dialed in order to top up your prepaid phone’s credit balance. Minutes can be purchased with a credit or debit card over the phone.

Choose “GoPhone Pick Your Plan Customers” or “GoPhone Pay As You Go Customers,” depending on the type of prepaid phone you have, the link “Refill your minutes with credit or debit card.”

Step 2

Make a Decision Customers can prepay for a monthly plan by selecting one of four options. The number of minutes that can be used at any time, including weekends and nights, varies by plan.

In the event that you need to use more minutes than your monthly allotment, you can purchase additional minutes on your phone. Pay As You Go customers have a choice of four different plans. One of the first options is a $3 Unlimited Calling plan which charges $3.00 per daily usage of the service.

You’ll be charged one dollar plus ten cents per minute with the $1 Mobile to Mobile Plan, the second option. Mobile-to-mobile talk time is included in all plans, regardless of price, whether they are $1 or $3.

The third option is the 25-cent Simple Plan, which charges 25 cents per minute rather than a daily fee. The Simple Plan with unlimited mobile-to-mobile minutes is the fourth option, costing $60 per month. It costs 25 cents per minute to make any other type of call from that point onward.

Step 3

On the right-hand side of “Refill Minutes Now,” there is a button that reads “Go.” Enter your wireless phone number on the following page and click “Continue.”

Step 4

Follow the on-screen instructions to pay for the minutes with a credit or debit card, then select the amount of time you need. The minutes will be added to your phone as soon as possible.


Buy Prepaid Refill Cards

Here is how you can buy prepaid refill cards:

Step 1

Purchase a prepaid refill card or a Pay As You Go card from an AT&T wireless store. For $15, $25, $50, $60, or $100, you can get a Pay As You Go card.

Step 2

On the back of the refill card, there is a PIN number.

Step 3

Dial _888 PIN NUMBER# on your prepaid phone to add the dollar amount of the refill card to your balance. Press SEND when you’re finished entering the number. Recordings of your new balance and expiration date will be played on your phone.


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