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Apple warned users that its new leather-alternative material, FineWoven, is not resistant to imprints from MagSafe.

Apple uncovered a lot of things during its Apple Wonderlust event last Tuesday, and that includes the arrival of the new FineWoven material. The company confirmed that it is now replacing leather for its accessories, such as MagSafe, AirTag key rings, Apple Watch Magnetic Link, and Modern Buckle band. According to the company, it is part of its sustainability efforts and goals, noting that the FineWoven material has lower carbon emissions compared to leather.

During the event, the iPhone maker boasted the material “built to protect your iPhone from scratches and drops.” However, the company wants to set the expectations of its customers about the FineWovem. With this, Apple noted that while it is “durable,” it is still not meant to last a lifetime, so it “may show wear over time.”

Moreover, the company said that “interaction with MagSafe accessories will leave slight imprints” on the material. Yet, this should not be a huge deal, as it is also the same issue we’ve always been experiencing in our current Apple iPhone leather cases. 

As a solution, the company also suggested opting for other iPhone 15 case materials it will still offer. That includes the silicone and clear cases, which will be sold once the lineup ships.


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