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Huawei’s new Mate 60 model is a hit in China. Unfortunately for Apple, the growing interest in the new Huawei phone comes at the same time it is experiencing challenges in its initial iPhone 15 sales in the Chinese market.

According to Counterpoint Research (via Reuters), the Chinese brand sold 1.6 million of Mate 60 units just within six weeks after its launch. Interestingly, over 400,000 units were reportedly sold in the last two weeks or during the same period Apple launched the iPhone 15 in mainland China. The success of the new Huawei series is further boosted by the rich sales of the Pro model, which constituted three-quarters of the total Mate 60 series units sold.

Speaking about this high demand, Counterpoint senior analyst Ivan Lam said that the newly delivered stocks could be bought swiftly as soon as they arrive, “creating the appearance of perpetual unavailability.”

A Jefferies analyst, Edison Lee, echoed the positive appeal of Mate 60 in a recent report, saying Huawei outsold Apple through its Mate 60 Pro model. As per Lee, the model could reach 5 to 6 million unit sales in 2023, while other analysts said the digit would double in 2024. Ultimately, Jefferies believes Huawei is now the top player in the market, effectively snatching the position from Apple.

Different e-commerce platforms seem to affirm this problematic iPhone 15 business in China, with a recent report revealing significant price slashes on the models. As pointed out by Economic Observer, the discounts are now available on JD.com, PDD Holdings’ Pinduoduo, and Alibaba’s Taobao, and deals could hit as high as $205.14.


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