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Internet Download Manager (IDM) Alternatives for Mac

Internet Download Manager allows users to download files from the internet at a faster rate than a web browser supports. It’s one of the best download assistance programs that automatically detects the download links on any webpage. With IDM, you can download files nearly five times faster than usual. 

But if you are a Mac user, you are out of luck. As of now, IDM is available only for Windows computers. Fortunately, you can try a few alternatives to download files from the internet. 

Let’s take a look at some worthy opponents to IDM that can be installed on a Mac. 


Best IDM Alternatives for Mac 2023

Software Price Features
Ninja Download Manager $19 20x faster downloads, Resume downloads, multi-queue management
Folx Free, $19.95 Download scheduling, 5x faster downloads
Free Download Manager Free User-friendly interface, multiple browser integration
Xtreme Download Manager Free Priority download scheduling, small and lightweight
iGetter $25 Download videos in 2 clicks from any webpage or Youtube


1. Ninja Download Manager

Let’s start with the best one – Ninja Download Manager. It’s one of the best IDM alternatives for Mac, allowing you to download from any web page within a few minutes. It uses the same dynamic segmentations to break the file into a few components and then download them simultaneously, resulting in 20x faster and more reliable downloads.

It has additional features such as renewing failed downloads, media previews, and a queue management system. Moreover, with Ninja Download Manager, you can delete and shred downloaded files that are no longer needed.


  • It uses the same dynamic file segmentation as IDM to achieve faster download speeds. 
  • You can check the media preview while it’s being downloaded. 
  • It has multi-queue management that allows you to download and manage multiple files simultaneously. 
  • It has the option to refresh the expired download links instead of starting over. 


  • The user interface may seem cluttered and tricky to navigate.
  • It may not work on some websites. 
  • There is no option to import/export download, and media download can sometimes get laggy. 


2. Folx

The next one is Folx, a formidable competitor to IDM and the closest one in terms of features and download speeds. It comes with nearly all the features IDM has and a few more, making it an ideal download manager for Mac users. You can try out the free version to have a feel of the program before investing in the premium one, which possesses many more features. 

Folx automatically detects downloadable content on any webpage running in any web browser, including Safari, Chrome, and Opera. Then the app will split the file into 20 threads (paid version) and use different connections to download all of them simultaneously. It gives nearly five times faster download speeds. It also helps with broken or interrupted downloads as the system continues the download from where it left off without starting over. 

With Folx, you can download multiple files simultaneously with an option for bandwidth control in case you need to do something else on the internet. Additionally, you can pause and restart your downloads or schedule them for the future. 


  • It comes with free and paid versions, making it a good option for both amateurs and professionals. 
  • It supports torrent downloads if you want to download movies or games. 
  • It detects downloadable links from web pages automatically.
  • You can schedule your downloads and organize them using the tag editor. 


  • The free version doesn’t include many crucial features.
  • It suffers from occasional bugs and technical glitches. 
  • Download speeds are not as quick at IDM or some other competitors. 


3. Free Download Manager

If you are looking for a free alternative to IDM, Free Download Manager is the right choice for you. It has nearly the same features as IDM and can be similarly integrated into your web browser. 

With FDM, Free you can download files from multiple sources simultaneously. The software is always looking for a faster resource to download, meaning, in case of a slow server, the download will shift to the next available source automatically.

FDM has a clean and easy-to-use interface. You can trigger a download by copying the file link, dragging the torrent into FDM, or simply clicking the + icon. Moreover, you can monitor the download progress, speeds, finished downloads, and ETA right on the FDM dashboard. You can download Youtube videos, torrent files, or media files from any webpages. You also get the option to choose the video quality, format, and name before the download begins. 


  • Clean interface without any ads or pop-ups
  • Free to download
  • It has helpful bandwidth management tools to control the download.
  • It provides single-click download for torrent files. 


  • Some download functionalities are minimal. 
  • There is no option to schedule downloads.


4. Xtreme Download Manager

Another IDM alternative for Mac is Xtreme Download Manager, a popular cross-platform download accelerator. It uses the same dynamic segmentation technique to split files into parts and download them using multiple threads. XDM also takes less time than its competitors to establish a connection to a server. As a result, you get nearly five times faster download speed, way more than your web browser will support. 

XDM allows you to create multiple download queues that you can choose to schedule or not. This way, you can easily manage your downloads on a priority basis, allowing the more important ones to continue first. 

However, some crucial features are missing from Xtreme Download Manager, such as auto-restart for downloads. So if the download gets interrupted due to a poor connection, it will start from the beginning, which also needs to be done manually at times. 

On the brighter side, The software integrates well into all web browsers, including Safari and Chrome. You get standard features such as the ability to pause and resume. And scheduling of downloads. 


  • It’s a lightweight program and runs smoothly even on an old spec Mac.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • You can pause and resume your downloads and schedule them for later. 


  • The download process often fails, which needs to be started manually. 
  • Sometimes, failed downloads start from the beginning. 
  • The interface may confuse some non-tech people. 


5. iGetter

The last one on the list is iGetter, a well-established download manager offering many features for fast and efficient downloading. Similar to IDM, It has standard features such as the ability to pause/resume downloads, multiple segments, and more. 

It uses multiple protocols, including HTTP, FTP, HTTPS, and FTP over SSL, to enable seamless downloads from any webpage. You also get various options to customize the downloads as per your preference.

You can restrict the download speed to maximize the bandwidth and schedule automatic downloads for the future. It can also sense your internet connection status and connect and disconnect accordingly. It can also turn off the computer after the download is finished if you leave it with some download in the background. 

It cooperates well with all the frontline web browsers; however, some users have claimed that it doesn’t board well with the latest Chrome update. So bear that in mind. 


  • The interface of iGetter is clean, small in size, and easy to navigate. 
  • You can download videos from Youtube or any other web page. 
  • It takes only two clicks to download all the files from a web page.
  • You get the option to select or remove the files from the list before the download starts. 


  • There may be unwanted files in the download package. 
  • The user interface is complex, and you may need to read the manual to use the advanced features. 


Final Word

If you download a lot of content from the internet, A download manager can save you plenty of time. It is probably the best download accelerator available for the Windows platform. Mac users can download any of the alternatives mentioned above. 


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