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There’s no denying that Internet Explorer is the first-ever browser that we all used but if we talk about today’s usage, it’s surely not enough. 

And now that you can no longer install Internet Explorer on your Mac, it is high time to search for its alternatives and thus, we’re here with the list of Best Internet Explorer alternatives for Mac. So let us scroll further and go through the list-


How to choose the right web browser for you?

Choosing the right web browser can be a tedious task as you would require some knowledge and extensive research for the same. 

But what if we tell you that we’ve already done that part for you? Before you jump on the list of best Internet Explorer list and ended up installing any chosen randomly from the list, make sure that you go through these factors and ensure that your web browser has all such factors-

  • User-friendly interface- The very first thing you should look for while choosing the right web browser for you is that it should be user-friendly. The interface of the browser shouldn’t be too technical or complex that you require some skill and time to comprehend that. The more and simple it will be, the more accessible it will become.
  • Faster page load- If you have witnessed it closely, you know that every browser comes with its own loading time. Some browsers may take as long as 30 seconds to load a single web page whereas some will load it within 5 seconds and thus, they give you the best user experience. Always look for browsers that will give you a faster page load speed.
  • Multi-tasking- You will surely not be looking for a browser through which you will only be able to surf the internet. There are many more things that may interest you such as watching movies, downloading them, sending or receiving emails, using social media websites, checking govt websites, going through e-papers and more. Ensure that the browser you are choosing is capable of providing all of that. Even if it lacks a quality or two, ensure that it has the one that you’re looking for. 
  • Anonymous Browsing- Anonymous browsing is a feature that you can now find easily on many browsers. In simple language, the browser creates a temporary session via which you can visit a few websites without leaving any mark, history, cache or cookies. It will be a distinct session from your regular browsing one and you can create and disconnect it as per your requirements.
  • Modern web technology support- Everyday, a new technology or feature is launched. There are many web browsers that used modern technology support via which the user will be accessible to all the advanced and modern technology being used for their surfing. Ensure that your web browser should have the capability of supporting it so that whenever there’s something new, you can also try it easily.
  • Secured- Security has always been one of the major criteria for choosing a web browser. While browsing many websites, you need to assure that you’re safe and not being tracked or hijacked. Most browsers come with a feature in which your information will not be saved and even if a website tries to steal your data, it will block it automatically by detecting the malware. Always go for the browser that does not compromise your security as it should be the foremost priority while surfing the internet.
  • Customizable- If your web browser is very rigid, you may get issues as you will not be able to customise it according to your usage even a bit and thus, if you’re a fan of customizations, always opt for the browser that comes with the customization options for the themes, layouts, additional extensions and more as it may aid in better surfing experience.


Best alternatives of Internet Explorer for Mac

Let us scroll down to the list-

1- Google Chrome

Let us start with the most preferred browser of all time. Google Chrome is the one that comes with various features and its own benefits. When it comes to functionality, speed and user review, nothing can beat Chrome. If we specifically talk about the UI of the browser, you will see that it is incredibly user-friendly, and you do not need to get into it to understand how it works.

 Features such as bookmarks, notes and documents synchronization, extensible by plugins, dark mode, website translation and portability are the main highlights and reasons why you should prefer Chrome if you’re searching for an Internet explorer alternative.

Talking about the figures, you will be stunned to know that around 70% of the traffic to the internet comes via Chrome and certainly, it is one of the best choices for surfing the web. 

Pros Cons
  • Extremely versatile
  • Restricted with Google account only.
  • Highly extensible by plug-in
  • Lagging issues
  • Modern web technology support


2- Mozilla Firefox 

Firefox is those of the cross-platform web browsers that have always been preferred by loyal Mac users. It is one of those browsers which you can rely on completely as they’ve always kept their security top-notch.

Even though we agree that when it comes to speed and efficiency, you will find Firefox lacking behind in comparison with Chrome, they are there in the business due to their other excellent features such as extremely privacy-focused, block trackers via which you can easily save yourself from being tracked on web, no tracking via which not even your browser will be tracking you, cloud synchronization through which it will be easier for you to sync your documents, data across all your devices, full page screenshot and more. 

Talking about the best part, this web browser works perfectly even when you do not have high RAM.

Pros Cons
  • Well-focused privacy and security 
  • Compatibility will be with limited plugins.
  • Works well with low RAM
  • Ad-blocker enabled


3- Safari 

Other than the leading web browser that works on almost every device, if we specifically talk about Mac users, then Apple’s owned Safari browser is also the one that comes as a pre-installed browser that you can use. 

Features such as a password manager so that you do not have to manually type all your passwords all the time, dark mode, bookmarks, tabbed browsing and more have been there for years and with every update, it keeps improving. One of the primary reasons why people prefer using Safari is its reading mode which turns your web page into a clean page with no ads, links and other distractions.

In addition, you can also make your reading worthwhile by using their quick note feature which lets you paste a text or image for saving purposes. For privacy, they have their own intelligent tracking protection that comes with such settings that prevent hackers from tiptoeing into your data. Also, they have the plus security features too that blocks website that contains malware.

Pros Cons
  • Pre-installed browser for every Mac 
  • Can not be customized fully.
  • Highly compatible with Mac
  • Doesn’t work well with other devices.
  • Intelligent tracking protection method


4- Opera Browser 

Out of all the mentioned browsers in the list of top Internet browser alternatives for Mac, Opera Browser is the one that is the simplest among all. As much as they’re loaded with all the essential features, they care about the user experience due to which the browser comes with the easiest interface that offers a variety of tweaks and customizations. 

The major key points of this browser are built-in free VPN via which you can surf any torrent websites without needing any third-party VPN, a turbo option that compresses the data and makes your internet work faster even when you’re struggling with low-speed internet, built-in ad blocker so that you can have the no-annoyance browsing and more. 

Even if you have limited RAM, it will cope and work well. The only downside we have witnessed in this browser is its security features which still lacks behind in the race. They do not have advanced security features unlike other browsers in the list but other than that, it is good to go browser for Mac users. 

Pros Cons
  • No-disturbance browsing experience
  • No advanced security features available
  • Built-in VPN 
  • Built-in ad blocker


5- Edge Chromium 

Edge Chromium is basically a mixture of Internet explorer Edge and Google Chrome. Even though it is a pre-installed web browser in Windows OS, you can easily install it on your Macbook with a click. Now that we have already mentioned that it is a mixture of these two, don’t be staggered if you find a touch of Chrome in it when it comes to user experience and design.

However, talking primarily about the qualities, the browser has its own features such as stability, customization, note option, reader mode via which you can have a clean and quick reading, built-in PDF editor to edit the PDF files without needing any third party application, web select element to copy and paste from the web, password manager to store your credentials, password monitor and password health to maintain the privacy of your passwords and more.

One distinct feature that we have found in this browser was the grammar checker via which you can edit and improve your writing skills. As far as privacy is concerned, it comes with extensive privacy support to maintain your privacy.

Pros Cons
  • Built-in PDF editor will be involved.
  • Works best with Microsoft account.
  • Grammar checker 
  • Fast and multi-tasking


6- Brave Browser

Among the list of top alternatives of Internet Explorer for Mac users, Brave Browser is a new name as it made its debut back in 2016 only. However, that does not make it any less. It gained the limelight because of the fact that it lets the user make any search engine default very smoothly and you will not find this feature in any leading browser.

With this browser, you can easily hide your search history and your IP address, if required. Since it is not completely but almost an ad-free browser that blocks data-hijacking ads, you can enjoy surfing without any disturbance. Security will be top-notch, and you can also use the tor private browsing through the browser. If you find any ad, you can also report it and earn some rewards in exchange for this information. 

On top of it, basics such as syncing with content, bookmark menu, password manager and others will be included. If you’re into crypto, you can also try their own built-in crypto wallet and VPN which will be chargeable. Overall, if you’re okay compromising with extensions and add-ons, this one will be perfect for basic surfing.

Pros Cons
  • Ad-free browsing will be done.
  • Crypto wallet is on chargeable condition
  • Advanced security feature.
  • Built-in crypto wallet and VPN services


7- Avast Secure Browser

Completing the list will not be possible without listing Avast Secure Browser which fits the bill perfectly to be an alternative to Internet Explorer for Mac users. Designed on chromium-based technology, this browser offers amazing privacy and security features. 

Standard features such as password manager, download manager, built-in VPN, secured personal information, customization, private mode, bookmark, extensions and more will be available for all the users. It won’t be unfair to say that it is still in the beta stage and lacks many characteristics that you may get in other web browsers listed in the list. 

Nevertheless, since it is owned by Avast which has been leading the antivirus software industry for ages, you can blindly trust it for its privacy and security settings. 

Pros Cons
  • Built-in VPN enabled
  • Lacks advanced features
  • Top-notch security feature
  • No customization
  • Reliable


Wrapping up,

It was all about the best alternatives to Internet Explorer for Mac users. Now you do not need to be disheartened about the fact that you can not use the Internet explorer browser on your Mac as we have already listed the better web browsers that you must try for a personalized, smooth surfing experience. Please comment below and let us know if you’re facing any issues or have a query to be resolved.



1- Which browser can I use on my Mac?

The answer to this question is straight other than a few web browsers especially designed for an OS, you are allowed to download any browser of your choice. We have listed some options above to make a choice from.

2- How to download any browser on Mac?

For downloading your choice of browser on your Mac, you can either go for the Apple store and search for it or else, use the official website URL and download it from there to avoid any malware and viruses. 

3- Which is the best browser for my Mac?

There’s no definite answer to the best browser for your Mac. However, our preference would be our three top listed options which are Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox.

4- Is Apple Safari better than Google Chrome for Mac?

Since the Safari browser is specially designed as per Apple’s ecosystem, it will be highly compatible with your Mac in comparison to any other web browser including Google Chrome. However, going for other browsers will also work unless they are not compatible.


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