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The iPhone maker is testing a new version of iOS 17.1, the iOS 17.1.1 update. There are currently no other details about this specific update, but it will likely be used to address several issues iOS users have been facing since the release of the original iOS 17 update.

MacRumors shared the news, saying the software update was discovered in analytics logs. In line with that, we believe that iOS 17.1.1 will be used to address several iOS problems that Apple keeps secret from the public. To recall, different issues have surfaced in the past months online, but the Cupertino giant remains mum about them.

For instance, while the company already disclosed and confirmed the breaking iPhone 15 NFC issue to its technicians, it still hasn’t commented about it publicly. According to its memo, the problem is not actually breaking the chip but temporarily deactivating it. With this, it advised its technicians to just restart the NFC, although it also said that a hardware repair could also be used if the first option doesn’t work. This memo suggests that the problem still couldn’t be resolved through an update, so we’re hoping that it would be one of the things that will be covered in iOS 17.1.1.

On the other hand, the Wi-Fi bug that was first spotted during the iOS 17 beta tests is still a problem currently affecting some users. Some users claimed that it was observed in certain routers (Unifi UDR and U6 WAP; ASUS RT-AX82U, RT-AX86U, and RT-AX88U; CenturyLink Calix C844G, and TP-Link AX5400 Archer) and suggested a workaround by adjusting the Wi-Fi channel range to either 20/40/80/160MHz. According to the company, this will be fixed in iOS 17.2, but there’s the possibility that it will be addressed earlier than expected via iOS 17.1.1.

Meanwhile, Apple still hasn’t acknowledged the auto-shutdown bug some users have been experiencing despite the rollout of iOS 17.1. Our team was able to confirm after experiencing it first-hand. As pointed out before, there is a battery gap at night on affected units, proving that the units are shutting down independently. These details can be found in Settings > Battery, where you can check the charging activity of the unit for the past 24 hours. Another proof can be spotted when you are required to provide your passcodes, which happens when there is a device reboot.

More recently, another bug surfaced in the Weather app when there is a snow forecast, wherein a file icon appears in the Widget instead of snow. Our team managed to replicate the issue, affirming that the bug is indeed existing in iOS 17.1. Apple still has no comment about this, so we hope this will also be addressed in iOS 17.1.1.


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