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It seems Apple still hasn’t addressed the issue reported by users about the automatic shutdown of some units at unspecified times.

The issue was first reported a few days ago, with different users sharing unexpected iPhone shutdowns. According to claims, it is not limited to iPhone 15 as it also affects older models, suggesting it could be an issue with one of the versions of iOS 17. Yoodley observed three of our updated iOS 17 devices, and two of them showed indications that they temporarily turned off, even when being charged. Interstingly, unlike the reports shared online saying that most instances happened at night, the issue happened in our units during the afternoon.

As affected users noted, we also noticed a battery gap at night, proving that the units indeed shut down on their own. These details can be found in Settings > Battery, where you can check the charging activity of the unit for the past 24 hours. Another proof can be spotted when you are required to provide your passcodes, which happens when there is a device reboot.

Now, as MacRumors notes in a recent report, the issue continues to happen even with the iOS 17.1 update. Our team can support the claim as the same experience continues even with the iOS 17.1 Release Candidate running on two of our units. It is still unknown what is specifically causing this.

Though a bit disappointing, this is somehow unexpected as Apple still hasn’t commented on the matter. Yet, we expected that the issue would be quickly addressed by Apple through another update after confirming this.


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