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Apple added tons of new features in iOS 17, which includes the all-new Live Voicemail. It is one of the exciting features that makes it easier to use iPhones by providing you real-time transcriptions for the calls you fail to answer. These transcriptions will then be saved on the Phone app of your iPhone, should you want to read the written message of the call.

Live Voicemail appears in a huge font size when a contact calls you, and you don’t pick it up. It complements the new Contact Poster in iOS 17, and the Live Voicemail texts will be provided in real-time on the screen under the caller’s name. While the calller is speaking on the phone, the iPhone picks up the call for you and transcribes it so you can read the message in real time. Nonetheless, you won’t be able to hear the person speaking unless you answer the call.

It is activated by default on iOS 17, but you can also deactivate it anytime by going to Settings > Phone > Live Voicemail.

Where to find the Live Voicemail transcriptions?

Once activated, your Live Voicemail transcriptions are automatically saved to your Phone app. To access it, launch the app and go to the Voicemail tab. There, you’ll see the transcriptions of the voicemails alongside other details like the date and time of the call, call length, and caller name.

If you view it, the system will keep the transcription and won’t be deleted as long as the voicemail stays in your inbox. Voicemails captured via Visual Voicemail also appear in the Voicemail tab.


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