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The introduction of a new iPhone series always signals some possible price changes. This week, it affected the iPhone 15 series in specific markets, with some having a hike while the UK customers getting cheaper prices for their new iPhones starting today. As expected, the move is part of Apple’s response to the different currency changes around the globe.

As spotted by CNBC, the hikes specifically affected India, Japan, and China. The media pointed out the latter, where higher storage prices have increased.

…In China, which accounts for nearly 20% of Apple’s total sales, the company raised prices for nearly all of the iPhone 15 models. The base versions of the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Pro Max remained the same. But Chinese customers will pay more for higher storage options. For example, the 512 gigabyte version of the iPhone 15 has risen by 300 Chinese yuan ($41) versus the iPhone 14.

In India, Apple kept prices for all versions of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus the same. But it hiked prices for all of the versions of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. The iPhone 15 Pro in India now starts at 134,900 Indian rupees ($1,627) versus 129,900 rupees for the iPhone 14 Pro — a 5,000 rupee or roughly $60 increase.

Meanwhile, in Japan, Apple raised the price of every model of the iPhone 15.

On a positive note, Apple has reduced the prices of its iPhone 15 models for customers in the UK. As CNBC noted in its report, compared to the iPhone 14 series, all iPhone 15 models that Apple recently unveiled are now cheaper. In comparison, Apple offered the iPhone 14 with a starting price of £849, while its iPhone 15 now only starts at £799.

On the other hand, Apple announced during the global unveiling of the new lineup that the standard iPhone 15 models will remain at the same prices as their predecessors. As such, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will be offered starting at $799 and $899, respectively, for 128GB of storage. Meanwhile, while the iPhone 15 Pro still starts at $999 with 128GB storage, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will now start at $1199. This is the only model that will have the increase, but Apple noted that the $1199 matches last year’s price with the same storage.


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