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Pixel 8 Pro might be newer, but it still can’t beat the iPhone 15 Pro Max in terms of performance and battery. That’s according to a recent test performed by Tom’s Guide, which reveals that Apple’s flagship smartphone this year can outperform Google’s new Pixel phone at significant levels.

The report is interesting as the review website compared the iPhone 15 Pro Max and Pixel 8 Pro detail by detail. Some of the areas touched were the camera, material, software features, and display of both smartphones. The most interesting part of the review, nonetheless, points to the performance of both units.

The test employed Geekbench, 3DMark Wild Life Unlimited, and Adobe Premiere Rush, which resulted in the following figures:


iPhone 15 Pro Max: 2,783 / 6,945

Pixel 8 Pro: 1,699 / 3,666

3DMark Wild Life Unlimited

iPhone 15 Pro Max: 92 fps / 15,399

Pixel 8 Pro: 52 fps / 8,797

Adobe Premiere Rush (Video Editing)

iPhone 15 Pro Max: 24.5 seconds

Pixel 8 Pro: 71 seconds

The tests used are all synthetic, which means such tests are simulated (hence, the term “synthetic”). Yet, the data synthetic benchmarking can provide is helpful, especially in comparing the relative performance of different CPUs. And in this case, the iPhone 15 Pro Max clearly won all the benchmark tests conducted, beating the Pixel 8 Pro not only by exceeding its performance but also by reaching almost double its numbers. This is clearly visible in the Adobe Premiere Rush video rendering, showing the iPhone 15 Pro Max is three times faster in performing the task.

On the other hand, the report underscores the victory of Google to improve the battery life of its smartphone with the release of the Pixel 8 Pro. Compared to its predecessor, the report notes that the Pixel 8 Pro has a longer battery performance by reaching a 10-hour mark (10 hours and 3 minutes) with its 5,050 mAh battery. However, this is still a disappointing number compared to the battery performance of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which lasted three hours longer than its rival in the test at 13 hours and 10 minutes despite having a 4,422 mAh battery capacity.

The results are intriguing, especially with Google trying to downplay the performance of the iPhone before the release of its Pixel 8 Pro. In the past months, we saw the company push the idea through a variety of campaigns trying to paint the iPhone as a low-tier smartphone in the competition.

This series of tests shows otherwise.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t make the Pixel 8 Pro the total loser in this game. As pointed out by Google in the past, its smartphone has unique offerings (especially in software and AI features) and even charges faster (and can wirelessly share its battery) than its iPhone counterparts. Yet, for the most part, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is clearly a better choice. Sure, you have to add a few bucks to afford it, but its performance (and other new features and services) should justify that.


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