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iOS 17 is an attractive update for all iPhone users. It comes with tons of new features and improvements from different sections of iOS. However, it is still in the developer beta phase. Some are wondering if they can already install it. The answer is, technically, yes. Apple Developer Program members can now join the beta testing of iOS 17. But should you really get it now or wait for the stable version of the update?

Apple unveiled the iOS 17 during the WWDC 2023. The initial beta phase of the update is dedicated to developers, who could access different features of the update before any iOS users. Some include the new StandBy Mode, NameDrop, auto fillup and deletion of email verification codes, Journal app, and more. Unfortunately, the first beta had many issues and bugs, as shared by different developers. From various forums where developers shared their experiences, some of the most prominent reported issues in iOS Beta 1 were:

  • Settings app and other apps crashing or freezing
  • The keyboard fails to minimize (and malfunctions) in some apps or fails to launch at all (relaunching the app reportedly resolves the issue temporarily)
  • Excessive battery usage and iPhone device excessively heating up, especially when charging
  • StandBy mode failing or taking time to show
  • The Music section of Settings is inaccessible for some, especially after enabling Crossfade
  • The Messages app says the message is not sent even if it is delivered successfully to Android recipients; the same error notification applies to the internet connection
  • UI bugs and inconsistencies
  • Some calls directly go to voice messages
  • Sending voice messages fails

Recently, Apple released the iOS 17 Beta 2 with new improvements and features in the update. Apple said it came with different fixes in previous issues of Beta 1. However, not all of them have been fixed, and some developers part of the test say the battery issue is still present in Beta 2. Apple also details all the known issues in Beta 2, which still affect different system sections.

With all these things, Beta 2 is still not recommended for everyone except developers. After all, you might need to revert to an older iOS update version in case of a huge bug problem, which could also involve a clean install of iOS 16 if necessary.

Moreover, the iOS 17 public beta is expected any day now, so you might want to wait for it instead of getting Beta 2 for developers. Yet, if you really want to avoid any problems, waiting for the stable version or the public release of iOS 17 is the best option. Note, nonetheless, that iOS 17 has compatibility requirements and will only be delivered to the iPhone XR and iPhone XS or newer models (including the second- and third-gen iPhone SE).


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