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Sony offers an extensive range of reliable, innovative, and feature-packed soundbars. The HT-CT60 is an entry-level soundbar by Sony, which offers a premium design, surround sound, and vast connectivity options, all at an affordable price of $130. 

The soundbar packs ample strength to power up and improve all households’ TV and home entertainment systems. This article will cover the Sony HT-CT60 in-depth, alongside a buying guide for soundbars in general. 


Sony HT-CT60 Features

Here are all the features of the Sony HT-CT60 soundbar: 

1. Design 

Like most soundbars, the Sony HT-CT60 soundbar sports an elongated speaker system shaped like a rectangle. However, its unique hexagonal cutout design separates it from the competitors, providing a premium look wherever you keep it. 

The product has an 8cm height, allowing users to place it alongside the TV easily. As for additional hardware, the product has a separate subwoofer system that must be positioned tactically for a robust bass response. 

The LED lights on the soundbar are helpful as they indicate which input is currently selected while also indicating the activation and deactivation of the Surround System. 

2. Connectivity 

The connectivity options of this product depend on the model you buy. You benefit from seamless Bluetooth connectivity through NFC if you purchase the “BT” version. As for physical connections, these options are invariably the same throughout the lineup. 

You can find the connectivity ports on the rear end of this product, including S/PDIF digital optical, Coaxial, and RCA stereo. These options can cover most TV and computer systems. However, you can increase your physical connectivity options using products like an HDMI switcher. The cables in the box are short, forcing you to place the speaker hardware near the streaming device.

3. Audio Quality 

Including a subwoofer with this sound bar significantly enhances the audio experience. The soundbar has two front-facing speakers with enough strength to cover a decently sized room. As for the subwoofer, it delivers a reliable bass response. 

Audio features of the product include Dolby and DTS. Overall, the product has a quality sound that caters to most users. 

4. Remote control

The soundbar has a separate remote control that allows users to adjust the volume, switch between audio modes, and switch to a different audio input. It covers all the basics required for a soundbar remote control. The remote uses infrared technology, requiring users to position the soundbar for easy use tactically. 

5. Price

The price point of this product is one of its most attractive features. As an entry-level product, it can be purchased at a relatively low price while offering good value for money. In short, an ideal choice for users looking for a basic soundbar that covers all the bases without compromising audio quality. 

Here is a detailed video review and unboxing of the Sony HT-CT60:


Pros and Cons of Sony HT-CT60


  • Exceptional price
  • Premium design
  • It comes with a separate subwoofer unit
  • Decent connectivity options
  • Good sound quality


  • Cables are relatively short.


Sony HT-CT60 Alternatives 

Here are two of the best alternatives for the Sony HT-CT60: 

1. Polk Audio Signa S3 Sound Bar

Polk’s Audio Signa S3 soundbar is an intense competitor of the Sony soundbar. It has a sleek design backed by a two-channel modus operandi for clear sound. The soundbar offers Bluetooth, HDMI, and other conventional physical connection modes for connectivity. 

Polk’s soundbar includes an enhanced audio subwoofer, like the Sony soundbar. It features Google Assistant, allowing users accessible communication while using it. Not many products can offer such vast features at this price range. 

Price – $249


  • Excellent price
  • Google Assistant support
  • It comes with a separate subwoofer unit
  • Unmatched connectivity options
  • Good sound quality


  • It lacks a center speaker 



Samsung always competes with Sony regardless of the price range of the product. The Samsung HW-N300 is an excellent alternative to the Sony HT-CT60, featuring a similar setup. It comes with a separate subwoofer, operating on a 2.1 channel. As for the price, the device can be purchased for $120. 

Bluetooth and USB are the primary connectivity options with this product. As for gimmicks, Samsung includes a Clear Voice technology that separates human voice from background noises, allowing users to listen to dialogues clearly. The remote control of the product is quite interactive. Alternatively, you can also use the buttons on the soundbar itself. 

Price – $200


  • Clear Voice technology is unique
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity
  • Great price
  • Impressive sound quality
  • Interactive remote control


  • No cinema mode


Soundbar Buying Guide: How to choose the best Soundbar in 2023?

Finding the best soundbar can be trickier than first thought. Various factors can differentiate soundbars. This buying guide will cover all of them: 

1. Subwoofer

Most modern soundbars come with an included subwoofer system for improved audio quality. These are primarily responsible for low-frequency audio (bass), adding depth and realism to the audio playback. 

Soundbars with no subwoofer are cheaper; however, investing in a combined package is recommended as you save time, money, and space. 

2. Audio channel

Audio channels in any speaker system refer to the number of individual speaker units on the device. A 2.1-channel soundbar has two speakers (left and right), while a 3.1-channel soundbar has an added central speaker. The other channel options include 5.1 and 7.1. 

Channel requirements with soundbars can be very subjective. For a primary use case, a 2.1-channel soundbar shall suffice. However, having more channels is always beneficial in terms of flexibility. 

3. Active/Passive Soundbar 

Soundbars can be divided into active and passive. An active soundbar has an inbuilt amplifier and other audio processing equipment. On the other hand, passive soundbars lack these extra components. Make sure you are buying an active soundbar to avoid adding these components individually. Luckily, most modern soundbars are active, but it always helps to confirm before buying. 

4. Connectivity 

Regarding connectivity, the soundbar must first check the standard options to help it qualify for a wide range of products. Subjectively, you should first make a note of all devices you will connect the soundbar to and list down all their connectivity options. You are good to go if your scouted soundbar covers all of them. Anything extra is always good, but the basics must be covered first to justify the purchase. 

5. Audio modes 

Switching between audio modes can go a long way in garnering an immersive experience with a soundbar. Make sure your soundbar has the option to use Dolby Atmos and DTS. 

6. Easy controlling 

The remote control of the soundbar must be interactive, covering all the basic options such as volume adjustment, switching between different inputs, and changing audio modes. Other control options, such as physical buttons on the soundbar or app-based controlling, are also helpful but unnecessary. 

7. Gimmicks

Gimmicks on any gadget help it stand out from the crowd. For example, Samsung’s soundbars are equipped with Clear Voice technology that separates human voice from other sounds, allowing users never to miss a dialogue. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How to connect the Sony HT-CT60 to a TV?

  1. You can connect the Sony HT-CT60 soundbar using S/PDIF digital optical, Coaxial, and RCA stereo. If you buy this product’s “BT” version, you can use Bluetooth technology to form a connection if your TV has Bluetooth connectivity. 

Q2. Does Sony HT-CT60 have Dolby Atmos?

  1. Yes. Sony HT-CT60 comes with a two-channel Dolby Atmos.

Q3. What is a subwoofer included with a soundbar?

  1. Subwoofers handle low-frequency audio (bass), providing realism and depth to your audio. They are an excellent inclusion for watching visual content. 

Q4. Does Sony HT-CT60 have Bluetooth? 

  1. The Sony HT-CT60 soundbar has different versions. This product’s “BT” version has Bluetooth, while others don’t. 


The Sony HT-CT60 is the perfect entry-level soundbar, covering everything a basic user could look for.  It has an attractive design, Dolby Atmos, a subwoofer, multiple connectivity options, and much more. Considering the price tag, it may not be the best regarding audio quality, but there is very little to criticize this product. Moreover, being a Sony product assures reliability and durability. Overall, an excellent pick for buyers on a budget. 


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