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Two X accounts recently shared photos of alleged iPhone 15 USB-C ports. It adds to the current leak files surrounding the upcoming line, including the new Action Button, redesigned chassis, and better batteries.

Unfortunately, the accounts have no clear and reliable track records involving Apple iPhone leaks, albeit both frequently share tech-related content. The first user, named fix Apple (@lipilipsi), who claimed to be an iPhone hardware technician, shared two USB-C components believed to be for a standard iPhone 15 model and iPhone 15 Plus.

The same image was shared by X user John (@John011235), who claims to be a programmer. However, John’s post shows an uncropped copy of the image, which includes the USB-C component for the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Meanwhile, here are the images of an unconfirmed iPhone 15 Pro dummy with USB-C:

It is hard not to take the leaked component images without a pinch of salt due to the lack of proven credentials for the accounts. Yet, whether true or not, the arrival of USB-C in the iPhone 15 line seems final. To recall, the European Union is pushing the Cupertino giant to join other brands in using the same charging port. With this, it will be logical for the company to embrace the change, especially with other regulators eyeing the same legislation.

On the other hand, aside from a USB-C, iPhone 15 will reportedly have better batteries. According to a previous report, all the models in the line will get battery size increases: standard iPhone 15 – 3877mAh (18% increase), iPhone 15 Plus – 4912mAh (13.6% increase), iPhone 15 Pro – 3650mAh (14.1% increase), and iPhone 15 Pro Max – 4852mAh (10.9% increase). Another report says Apple will be employing stacked battery technology in all iPhone 15 models, which will explain the increase mentioned above.


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