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There is a new Release Candidate (RC) for the iOS 17.1. Interestingly, its availability is limited to the iPhone 15 series, indicating that Apple might have included new features only for the latest smartphones. On the other side of the coin, there’s also a possibility that the company will introduce bug fixes dedicated to the issues present in the iPhone 15 models.

The release of the second version of the iOS 17.1 RC came just a few days after Apple released the first RC of the update. A release like this is a preparation prior to the official rollout of the update. Nonetheless, Apple could still introduce new versions of RCs should it find some issues that need fixes. This is likely the case in the second iOS 17.1 RC, which is only available for the iPhone 15 models.

From the former 21B74 build version, today’s release has a build number 21B77. However, the release notes in the update are the same as those in the earlier iOS 17.1 RC version.

That being said, it is currently unknown what exactly Apple has added to the new RC, albeit it is no secret that the iPhone 15 series is known to have several problems since its release. One of them includes the overheating issue, which was resolved in iOS 17.0.3, although others are claiming that the problem persists even after the update.

Other issues reported recently include an auto-shutdown bug (although older iPhone model users say they are also experiencing the same) and the breaking of NFC chips when the unit is charged on the wireless charging pads of BMW.

It is still unconfirmed, but these are the issues Apple would likely address in this update since it still hasn’t commented on them.

We will update this article once we get more information about the new iOS 17.1 RC.


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