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Bad news: the new Charging Optimization page is still limited to the iPhone 15 series as of the current iOS 17.1 Beta 1.

The new Charging Optimization page ships with the iOS 17 version in the iPhone 15 series. It includes two new options to control the charging process and can be found in Settings > Battery > Battery Health & Charging > Charging Optimization. Here, users will see three options: Optimized Battery Charging, 80% Limit, and None. Choosing the first option will cause the system to observe the charging routine of the unit while opting for the 80% Limit option will directly stop the charging at the said level and won’t go beyond that.

Aside from that, Apple also introduced additional battery details in Settings > General > About. On the page, users will see the manufacturing date and the first use date of the battery. It also includes the cycle count of the battery, which can explain how the battery health of the unit diminishes. As per Apple, a normal battery can retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 500 complete charge cycles under normal conditions. Thankfully, this count can now be easily determined through the new battery section in the Settings app.

Unfortunately, these features are still unavailable in older iOS 17-compatible iPhone models that have just received the first iOS 17.1 developer beta. Many are expecting that the setting options will also be included in their earlier iPhone models since it is software-based and formerly spotted in the iOS 17 Release Candidate. Sadly, this is still not the case in the iOS 17.1 Beta 1 release.

On a positive note, Apple might introduce it to older iPhone models through the future iOS 17 betas, yet that is only a possibility. While the features can indeed be activated through software updates, there might be some battery hardware-related enhancements in the iPhone 15 units that made them inapplicable to earlier iPhone lineups. Future iOS 17 betas and updates will confirm whether that is true.


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