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The com.android.incallui or com.samsung.android.incallui apps have created a lot of confusion for thousands of Android users. By the time you finish reading this article, you will find out what this app does, why it is installed on your phone, and we have also debunked the most common myth about its relation to people who cheat on their partners. 


What is com.android.incallui?

The com.android.incallui app is a package that contains the User interface (UI) of the in-call app. In simple words, when you call someone, the screen design you see for interaction is stored in the com.android.incallui app. Below we have mentioned some elements that are part of the call screen’s User interface (UI). 

1.Record button, 2. Hold button, 3. Add call button, 4. Speaker button, 5. Disconnect button, 6. Keypad button, 7. Video call button etc.

Without a User interface (UI) app like com.android.incallui, you will not be able to use calling apps.


What is com.samsung.android.incallui?

UI = User interface. 

InCallUI = The User interface (UI) of the call screen. 

On Android devices, an app is usually named like com.company name.android.appname. So if you see, com.samsung.android.incallui, it means the app contains User interface (UI) data for the call screen app that provides interactive buttons for disconnecting the call, recording the call, holding the call, etc. 


Is IncallUI Used for Cheating?

No, IncallUI is an app that contains User interface (UI) design data for the call screen; it has nothing to with cheating. Many people think, com.android.incallui is used by people who cheat on their partner, just because the app is not found in the app drawer and has the word ”call” in its name. 

How to Fix Unfortunately IncallUI Has Stopped?

The “IncallUI has stopped” message prevents users from receiving phone calls and using the dialer app. The issue is common with multiple mobile brands, including OnePlus, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, Elephone, etc. 

Step 1.) Go to Phone Settings.

Step 2.) Tap on Apps.

Step 3.) Tap on the Ellipsis icon (three vertical dots).

Step 4.) Tap on Show System Apps.

Step 5.) Find and tap on com.android.incallui.

Step 5.) Tap on Clear Cache.

If clearing cache does not help, try restarting your phone and also look for software updates from Settings > About Phone > Software > Check For Updates. 

In some devices, the software option can be found in the settings, so you don’t have to tap on About. If you can’t find it, tap on the search icon on the top right and search “Software.” Ensure you are connected to the internet when you check for updates; if there is any available update, it will ask you to download and install else it will show the software is up to date message.

If nothing works, you can download and install Drupe or Google Phone. Both of them are good calling apps, and you can avoid the “IncallUi has stopped” message by using them. 

Can You Disable com.samsung.android.incallui?

No, you cannot disable or uninstall com.samsung.android.incallui. It is a system app, and as mentioned before, it contains important data for the call screen User interface (UI). All mobile devices have this app, but in the latest versions like Android 10, it can’t be seen in the system apps and My Google Activity. Probably it’s hidden, but some old devices may show a folder named com.samsung.android.incallui in Storage > Android > Data. Keep in mind it’s the data folder of this app; do not try to delete it


Can You Prevent the IncallUI App From Running in the Background?

You can stop the app from continuously running in the background. This may reduce CPU/RAM usage temporarily. Once you call someones or receive a call, it will start running again. There is no point in stopping it, but if you think the app is draining your battery or using too much RAM, you can disable it by following the steps:

Step 1.) Go to Phone Settings.

Step 2.) Tap on Apps.

Step 3.) Tap on the Ellipsis icon (three vertical dots).

Step 4.) Tap on Show System Apps.

Step 5.) Find and tap on com.android.incallui.

Step 5.) Tap on Force Stop.



Q.What is User Interface (UI)?

User interface (UI) is the design of software and hardware. For example, when you use a chat messenger, everything you see is user interface, including the buttons and all other elements. An example of hardware User interface (UI) is a remote control. The shape of the remote, size, color, position of its buttons are all a part of User interface (UI).

Q.What is IncallUI spy?

There is no such app or program named IncallUI spy. Some people think IncallUI is an app for spying and monitoring people’s calls, but it’s false. IncallUI is an Android app that contains data of the User interface (UI) of the calling screen. 

Q.How do I access IncallUI?

Step 1.) Go to Phone Settings.

Step 2.) Tap on Apps.

Step 3.) Tap on the Ellipsis icon (three vertical dots).

Step 4.) Tap on Show System Apps.

Step 5.) Find and tap on com.android.incallui.

Q.How do I allow IncallUI permission?

Step 1.) Go to Phone Settings.

Step 2.) Tap on Apps.

Step 3.) Tap on the Ellipsis icon (three vertical dots).

Step 4.) Tap on Show System Apps.

Step 5.) Tap on InCallUI and Enable permission. 


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