How to Export/Import Samsung Memos?

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Are you abandoning your old Samsung phone or getting a new one? Either way, you would want to export or import your memo files. If you are unsure how you can do that, here is all about exporting/importing your Samsung memos and much more.

How to export Samsung Memo Files to your PC?

Below we have discussed in detail how you can export Samsung Memo files from your phone to the PC:

  • Connect your Samsung device to a PC using a USB Cable.
  • Choose “Files transfer” options from the prompt that appears on your Samsung mobile. 
  • From the file explorer on the PC, open the folder with your Samsung device name. 
  • Once inside the phone’s directory on your PC, hit the Search Bar and type .memo.
  • You will find a folder filtered across your phone’s storage on your PC’s screen.
  • Drag the folder and copy it to one of the PC’s drives. This will successfully import your .memo files from Samsung phone to PC.

How to Import Memos to Samsung Phone from your PC?

Importing memos is just as easy as exporting them from your phone to your PC. Considering that you already have your memo data saved on your PC, follow the steps below to import your memos to your Samsung Phone:

  • Connect your Samsung phone to your PC using a USB cable.
  • On your phone, you will see a prompt that says ‘Use the Connection For’. This is basically your phone asking what you want to do with the connection you just made with your PC. Choose ‘Transfer Files’.
  • Go to Windows Explorer if you are a Windows user or an equivalent on a different operating system. You will see your phone’s name or model showing up amongst the other storage options available on your PC, such as Drive C, Drive D, etc.
  • Go to the folder where you have saved .memo files exported from your Samsung phone previously. Drag the file folder to where you can see your phone name. This will copy the file to your phone.
  • Now, disconnect the device from the PC, and go to Samsung Notes/Memos on your phone. Tap on the three-dot symbol on the top right, and choose ‘Import’.
  • Select ‘Files’ and then choose the folder where you have copied the .memo files from your PC. 
  • Your files will be imported to your Samsung Phone.

How to Share Samsung Notes/Memos?

Samsung Memos or Notes app comes with sharing options, and in the latest, Samsung Notes app that has many new added multifunction options, you can share notes files in PDF, PowerPoint or Word document. The simple steps to Share a Samsung memo or Notes file are as follows :

  1. Launch the Samsung Memo/Notes app on your device. 
  2. Search for the file that you want to export and then long-press the file. 
  3. Now select Save as file and then choose between PDF file, Microsoft Word file or Microsoft PowerPoint file. 
  4. Open the My Files app and locate the saved file. 
  5. Long press on the file and choose the share options.

How to export Samsung Voice Memos to PC?

Transferring files from an android device might be easy, but when it comes to a Samsung android device, it might get a bit tricky because Samsung provides additional security and keeps the privacy of the user intact. And due to these security features, one might not be able to easily export files from Samsung Memos. But here are the steps to transfer Samsung Voice Memos to PC:

  1. Connect your Samsung device to a PC. 
  2. Choose “Files transfer” options from the prompt that appears on your Samsung mobile. 
  3. From the file explorer on the PC, open the folder with your Samsung device name. 
  4. Locate the folder where you saved the Memo file, and then right-click on the Memo file and copy it on your PC. 

How is Memo Different from Samsung Notes?

If we talk about functionality, Samsung Memo is not so different from Samsung Notes altogether. In fact, Samsung Notes is just an upgraded alternative to Memos that you can find in all the newer models of Samsung phones and devices that previously had Memo.

The Memo was an inbuilt application in Samsung phones and devices up until S7. Ever since the S8 was launched, Memo was replaced with Samsung Notes which incorporates more or less the same features as Memo, only better.

If you export your Memos from an older model of Samsung device (that has Memo) to a newer version, i.e., S8 or above, using Smart Switch, you will find that the memo data is imported into Samsung Notes.



1. How to recover Samsung Notes/Memos on Samsung Galaxy?

Some of the most common reasons for losing Samsung Notes files are:

  • Error deletion – Most of the time, a user mistakenly presses on the delete option and loses the notes or memo file. 
  • Viruses or malfunction on the device – When a user’s device is attacked or infected with a virus, it might result in data loss. 
  • Factory reset – A user performing a factory reset on its device loses types of data, including files, photos, videos, messages and other types of data. 

And in case if you have also lost your Samsung Notes data and want to recover, here are few simple steps to help you :

Recovering Samsung Notes with a Samsung Cloud account. 

  • Open the Samsung Notes application, and move to the account and backup option. 
  • From your Samsung account, select restore, and then you can see all Samsung Notes Files. 
  • From the recovery tab, select the files you want to restore and then click OK. 

Recovery of Samsung Notes with Samsung galaxy notes app

  • Open the Samsung Notes app and then click on the three rows located in the upper left corner. 
  • Then tap on trash, and then you will get to see all deleted files. 
  • Select the file you want to restore and then tap on restore. 


2. How to open a .memo file on a PC?

A .memo file is a file created by Samsung devices to include data from individual memos created on the device. If your PC or laptop does not have an application that can open a .memo extension, you will not be able to open it unless you convert the extension format to one that is supported by your PC.

It is also possible that you are unable to open a .memo file because the association with which your file opens by default does not support it.

Therefore, first, you can try changing the association of the file:

  • Right-click the file whose association you want to change (the .memo file in this case) and click ‘Open With’.
  • In the dialogue box that is now on your screen, choose the program/ application with which you would want to open the .memo file.
  • Now, select ‘Always Use (the selected program) to open this kind of file’.

If you do not have any supporting programs to associate with the .memo file, you can search for one on Windows or Apple Store, download it, and then select it from the ‘Open With’ to open the file.

Another thing you can do is change the extension of the file. You can either use a third-party file format converter or convert it manually to open it from one of the existing programs that support the converted format.


3. How to backup Samsung memos?

  • Connect your android device to a PC using a USB cable. 
  • Then check if your device is connected properly and from the notification panel, tap on USB Connected and then “Turn on USB Storage”. 
  • Now go to your PCs file manager and look for your android device folder and open it. 
  • Locate the memo files or folder that you want to backup and then copy it to your PC hard drive. 
  • Once the files or folder is copied, your backup is created successfully, and now you can disconnect your Android device.


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