What is com.pivotmobile.android.metrics ?

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com.pivotmobile.android.metrics is a sideloaded application developed by Pivot Mobile used to track data usage and for the purpose of ad tracking. Now, for those who do not know what Pivot Mobile is, it is an android game developer that has been active since 2017. 

Pivot Mobile has a number of games and tools published on Google Play Store (only two of which are currently active in their portfolio) including the especially popular Swimmy Turtle. 

Coming back to com.pivotmobile.android.metrics, you must be wondering how the application was installed on your phone. Although there is no definite answer, it is most likely that you downloaded a third-party application, probably one from Pivot Mobile, and com.pivotmobile.android.metrics was downloaded as a side application with the application you were initially downloading.

Most often, com.pivotmobile.android.metrics is found as a third-party download on certain handsets of Lenovo and Motorola phones. 

Thus, all in all, com.pivotmobile.android.metrics is an application that most likely got installed on your device when you were downloading an application and granted that application the access to sub-download another application. As a result of this, com.pivotmobile.android.metrics got installed on your phone and is used for ad tracking and data usage tracking for other applications.

Is it malware or spyware?

No, com.pivotmobile.android.metrics is not a malware. It is a legitimate application developed by Pivot Mobile and it does not intend to cause any harm to your device. com.pivotmobile.android.metrics is not spyware either.  

Although a spyware is generally conceived to be a bad thing, it is not a threat if it does not have any malicious intentions (at least that is what Google says). Either way, com.pivotmobile.android.metrics is not spyware. 

It is only used to track data usage and in-app ads or ads on other applications. This clearly implies that com.pivotmobile.android.metrics does not intend to cause any negative impact on your device and is not a threat.

Signs com.pivotmobile.android.metrics could be a virus

It is possible that some virus (poor safety to be blamed) entered your android device and is now posing as com.pivotmobile.android.metrics. 

To know if com.pivotmobile.android.metrics (or any other application, for that fact) is posing as a virus, we advise you to look for these signs on your android device:

  • Your phone is abnormally slow ever since com.pivotmobile.android.metrics got installed on your phone.
  • Other applications are taking too long to load.
  • The battery of your android phone drains faster than it normally does.
  • There is a deluge of ads on the phone and you are not sure about the source of these ads.
  • Your phone also has other applications that you do not recall downloading.
  • Your phone bills are higher than usual since a number of viruses use premium messaging to send SMS from your device.
  • There is abnormally high data usage.

How to perform an antivirus scan on your android device?

There is a myriad of reliable antivirus options available on the Google Play Store. A malware scan on Android is identical to a scan on a Windows PC. The following are the measures to take:

  • Go to the Google Play store and download your preferred antivirus. A quick search for “antivirus” indicates that Bitdefender, AVG, and Norton are among the best-rated solutions.
  • Launch your antivirus program, establish an account if necessary, and click the scan button. The software will request access to your camera (for anti-theft), contacts (for app locking and anti-theft), location (for anti-theft), microphone (for anti-theft), phone (for call blocking), SMS (for SMS protection), and storage (scanning). This is quite normal. The number of permissions necessary is determined by your antivirus and its capabilities.
  • Allow the program to scan your smartphone and all of your apps for harmful software.
  • If a danger is discovered, allow the app to resolve it by clicking “resolve.” Some infections will be removed from your phone, while others will be quarantined. Don’t be concerned. Quarantine of viruses is a fully safe and frequent method.
  • If a dangerous software is there, uninstall it as soon as possible.


Is com.pivotmobile.android.metrics safe?

Yes, for the most part, com.pivotmobile.android.metrics is safe and does not pose any threat to your device. Although it does look seemingly sketchy, com.pivotmobile.android.metrics is neither spyware nor malware. It does not intend to do any harm to our device.

Another thing worth mentioning is that com.pivotmobile.android.metrics is developed by Pivot Mobile – a trusted developer with a popular game Swimmy Turtle published on the Google Play Store. This means it has a reliable background and is therefore most likely safe to keep on your device.

However, to be completely sure, it is always recommendable to run an antivirus scan on your android phone. If the scan does not find com.pivotmobile.android.metrics to be a sketchy application, you are all good, otherwise, you can take steps to solve the problem.


What does com.pivotmobile.android.metrics do?

In all simplicity, com.pivotmobile.android.metrics tracks usage data of other applications, mostly the application that it was sideloaded with. Apart from this, com.pivotmobile.android.metrics also tracks ads on other third-party applications.

It is pretty evident from the name itself that com.pivotmobile.android.metrics is mainly used for ad-tracking since ‘metrics’ itself is synonymous with apps and in-app ads when it comes to android. 


Can com.pivotmobile.android.metrics be uninstalled?

Yes, com.pivotmobile.android.metrics can easily be uninstalled from your device. If you do not wish to keep com.pivotmobile.android.metrics on your device, you can uninstall it just like you would a random third-party application on your phone.

However, the process of uninstallation varies slightly. Conventionally, if you have a third-party or simply a downloaded application that you wish to remove, what would you do? Long-press the icon of the application from amongst the app tray or the home screen and move it to trash or tap on Uninstall (which appears when you long-press the icon of an application). Another thing you could do is simply go to Play Store or any other applications store and search for the application you wish to uninstall and then tap on ‘Uninstall’. 

However, since com.pivotmobile.android.metrics is not visible in the app tray or available on an application downloading store (because it is sideloaded), you can not really uninstall it using either of the two ways mentioned above.

The easiest way to go about this would be to go to Settings on your device, then navigate to the Applications List. Herein, you are sure to find com.pivotmobile.android.metrics on either the Recent Applications list or under All Applications. 

If com.pivotmobile.android.metrics is not on the list of Recent Applications, locate it from amongst the list of All Applications and then tap on it. 

Once you tap on it, you will find myriad options on how to go forward with the application’s operations, including clearing cache, data, and force-stopping com.pivotmobile.android.metrics. Tap on ‘Delete’ or ‘Uninstall’ (based on your device). This will remove com.pivotmobile.android.metrics from your device.

Is it safe to uninstall com.pivotmobile.android.metrics?

Yes, it is safe to uninstall com.pivotmobile.android.metrics from your device. You do not need to worry about the consequences of uninstalling com.pivotmobile.android.metrics from your device. We say this because com.pivotmobile.android.metrics does not have a very significant role in the functioning of an application, let alone your android phone. 

All that com.pivotmobile.android.metrics does is track ads and data usage of other  applications, thus, uninstalling it will have a zilch effect on the proper functioning of any application or the device, in general. 

Above all, com.pivotmobile.android.metrics does not come bundled with the phone’s firmware and is therefore not essential for any of the phone’s important processes. Therefore, uninstalling it would not hinder the phone’s functioning in any manner. Even the apps that com.pivotmobile.android.metrics tracks ads and data usage of, do not require com.pivotmobile.android.metrics for proper functioning.

Can you disable com.pivot mobile.android.metrics?

Yes, you can disable com.pivotmobile.android.metrics. If you do not want to uninstall com.pivotmobile.android.metrics but do wish that it stops its operations, i.e., data usage and ad-tracking of applications, you can disable it.

To disable it from your device, go to Settings, then go to Application Manager. Now, go to All Applications or All Apps (or an equivalent based on your device). Locate com.pivotmobile.android.metrics from the list of applications on your device (the list includes all applications including pre-installed apps, system apps, and third-party apps).

Tap on it and then tap on Disable. This will disable com.pivotmobile.android.metrics from your phone. You can always enable the application by tapping on Enable from under the Application setting in Settings on your device.


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