What is Samsung Accessory Service? Why Does It Show Transferring File Please Wait?

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After a software update, the Samsung Accessory Service app has caused multiple issues for its users, probably that’s the reason you are here. This article explains what this app does, what are some common issues caused by it, and we have also answered if it’s a necessary app or not. 

Everything About Samsung Accessory Service

Samsung Accessory Service is an Android app by Samsung; it provides multiple features that can be used by connecting accessories like the Galaxy watch to your mobile device. 


  • File transfer
  • Sending/receiving data

Required permissions

The app service requires Storage permission for transferring media files to the accessory device.


Why Does the App Say Samsung Accessory Service Transferring File Please Wait?

The “Transferring file, please wait” notification became an issue after a new update; it is common to see it on Galaxy devices: S7, S8, S9, etc. Keep in mind that occasionally seeing this notification is not an issue; as mentioned before, the app sends/receives data, and some people have reported getting this notification right after they end a phone call; if your watch is connected with the device, the app registers the call history on it. 


Re-install the Galaxy Wearable app; it should re-install the plugin and the accessory service app automatically, this will install the files correctly, and hopefully, you will stop seeing the transferring file notification.

If the method mentioned above does not work, try force stopping the app and clear the cache.

Settings > Apps > Samsung Accessory Service > Force stop. 

You can also try unpairing the watch, then re-pair the watch and restart your phone.


Samsung Accessory Service Draining Battery

After the update, hundreds of users have complained about the battery draining issue, and most of them are One Plus users. To fix the battery draining issue, deactivate the battery optimization on all the Galaxy Wear apps & plugins. Battery optimization is found to be closing and rebooting the apps, which drains all the battery. If the app suggests you to not to deactivate battery optimization because it will affect the battery performance, ignore it because keeping it activated will drain the battery more. 


Unfortunately, Samsung Accessory Service Is No Longer Available Pop-Up

To fix this pop-up issue, uninstall and re-install the Galaxy Wearable app, or update the app if any update is available. If you don’t use the Galaxy wearable app, you can uninstall it to fix the pop-up issue quickly. 

If re-installing or updating does not work, you can turn off notifications for the Samsung Accessory Service from notification or app settings. 


Is Samsung Accessory Service Necessary?

Yes, if you use accessories like the Samsung watch, you will need this app. It provides multiple features, and uninstalling this will cause syncing issues with fitness apps. If you don’t use a Samsung watch, you can uninstall it.


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