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Apple has already started shipping its iPhone 15 cases, allowing its customers to personally check the new FineWoven material. Now, the new cases are making the rounds online, and so are the mixed reactions of the fans.

My 15 Pro FineWoven Cases Showed Up Early
byu/thefirewired iniphone

The new FineWoven material officially replaces the leather Apple used to employ for its accessory products. According to the giant, it is part of its sustainability efforts as the material has lower carbon emissions compared to leather. With this, it is now using this for its iPhone 15 cases, AirTag key rings, Apple Watch Magnetic Link, and Modern Buckle band. 

Now, the company is starting to ship the FineWoven cases to its customers, who are sharing images of the accessory on different platforms. Others express compliments for the cases, noting how it feels “nice.”

“They feel really nice,” a Reddit user shared. “The back is super soft and smooth while the edges are a different soft material that I can’t quite describe yet. It gives a grip, but does allow for good sliding into a pocket and doesn’t get caught up. I’m usually an Apple Leather Case guy, and sad they’re being discontinued, but these seems to be a worthy replacement from what I can tell.”

“The woven wallet sticks extremely well to the woven case, better than the leather sticks to itself,” another said.

Other customers, however, pointed out the disadvantages of the new material, especially how dirt could easily accumulate on its surfaces. Others also criticized the material used by Apple on the sides of the cases. To recall, Apple also warned its customers that the FineWoven cases are not resistant to the imprints from MagSafe.

“Any ketchup or mustard will stick inside the FineWoven,” one user commented. “Unlike leather you can usually wipe it off with water.”

“To be honest, it looks cheap,” said another. “They didn’t even take the effort to fold the material seamlessly on the edges. And they are asking $60 for that?”

“I got my Taupe FineWoven today,” shared another user. “Debating returning it. £59 is ridiculous. It doesn’t feel as premium as the leather and it makes a horrible scratchy noise in the hand.”

Do you already have the FineWoven cases? How’s your experience compared to the earlier leather cases Apple used to offer? Let us know in the comment section!


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