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As it appears, the latest iOS updates are not perfect at all. According to recent reports, some users are experiencing a battery issue after installing the updates. Fortunately, the iPhone maker might address it in the coming days (e.g., via iOS 17.1.1, which is reportedly now under test).

Different users shared the experience recently, and Forbes’ David Phelan shared the same observation, although adding that “this did not seem very widespread.” Meanwhile, as some iPhone owners shared on other platforms like Reddit, the issue causes significant battery draining.

“I’ve replaced my battery recently, but battery itself isn’t a problem because it was also happening with the original battery,” shared one user running iOS 16.7.2. “…it wasn’t draining the whole night, just a few hours before I woke up, and those are the hours when home & lock screen usage was at a 100%. So I guess it’s an iOS issue, because it was also happening with the old (original) battery.”

Other users mentioned some apps they believe causing some issues, including Spotify, WhatsApp, and TikTok.

“These last two nights my iPhone 14 Pro Max battery got wrecked by Spotify playing in the background through the night,” said one user on iOS 17.1. “It gets quite hot too.”

“2nd Gen SE here — my battery life is terrible on 17.1,” commented one user. “Wish I never updated to be honest. After the update all of a sudden I got the “service battery” warning and my phone hasn’t been the same since.”

Unfortunately, for users running the latest iOS update versions, downgrading is longer possible as Apple has recently stopped signing iOS 17.0.3, iOS 16.7.1, iOS 16.7, and iOS 15.7.9. With this, users now running iOS 17.1, iOS 16.7.2, and iOS 15.8 on their iPhones are blocked from downgrading to earlier update versions.

On a positive note, Apple is reportedly testing iOS 17.1.1 (and possibly other updates). There are no details about the test, but it is believed that it contains a handful of bug fixes for issues Apple still hasn’t disclosed publicly, including the deactivating iPhone 15 NFC chip when the unit is wirelessly charged on certain vehicles, the Wi-Fi bug that was first spotted during the iOS 17 beta tests, and the problematic snow icon in the Weather app.


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