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Apple introduced NameDrop in iOS 17, and it is one of the new functions that should make the use of your iPhone more convenient. Through this new feature, you can instantly send contact information with another iPhone in an instant.

NameDrop builds on AirDrop but focuses on sharing contact details. Using it entails a simple gesture and should be readily available when you download iOS 17 on a compatible iPhone device.

The options for the new feature can be found in Settings > General > AirDrop, and you can deactivate the feature on this page. Just turn off the “Bringing Devices Together” option to turn off the feature.

On the other hand, if you want to use it, just do the following steps:

  1. Hold your iPhone near the top of another iOS 17-compatible iPhone. This will initiate a glow effect, indicating the contact transfer process is starting. Keep the two iPhones still until the effect appears on another iPhone.
  2. When the NameDrop appears, you’ll see different options. Choose “Receive Only” if you only want to receive the other iPhone’s contact card, but select “Share” if you wish to receive the other iPhone’s contact card and share your own.
  3. If you want to cancel the exchange of contact details, just move the two devices away from each other before the process completes.


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