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Have you ever wondered where your saved photos that go this thus mysterious “VZ media” really go? Moreover, how can you access it? And most importantly, what exactly is VZ media. In the course of this article, we shall offer answers to the questions above and so much more.

Let’s start with the first things first. How do you gain access to the photographs that get saved on VZ media and your media gallery?

There are two ways to access these photos. Both the ways have been mentioned below in detail:


When Using Phone Gallery

Verizon customers can communicate using music, images, and other media files on the Verizon message tool. These media files automatically get saved in your phone on the VZ Media folder. For the purpose of gaining access to them.

You need to open the Gallery first. Then tap on the Menu button, i.e., the three bars on the top left corner of the screen. Next, tap on Albums and then VZMedia. This will give you access to the folder where all the files are stored. You may now view the images.

The following is a comprehensive and step-by-step procedure:

  • Go to your gallery app, and then
  • Select the menu option.
  • Click the three dots in the upper-left corner of your device.
  • Click on the albums.
  •  You can now view the VZ media album.
  •  Click on it to open the album.

You can now access all your saved photographs that were kept in your Gallery via VZ Media.


When Working with Verizon Cloud

  • First, tap on Apps on your Home screen
  • Then, select the option called Verizon Cloud
  • Next, tap on the Navigation menu  (upper-left).
  • Choose a content-type:
  •  Images and videos
  • Songs
  • Doc files
  • Navigate to the media files like images, music, and movie files by tapping on the Contextual Menu icon.

All saved photographs that go to VZ media should be available here.

The internet advancements have allowed VZ Media to provide a blend of innovation and security. Thanks to this, users can now access their digital media more conveniently using VZ Media and protect their digital properties better. As a result, digital content becomes an instant reward for everyone.

But what is VZ Media exactly?  Let’s look at that in detail below:


What is VZ Media?

As an extended service of Verizon Communications, VZ Media allows better management of the media files. Customers of Verizon can utilize all of its excellent features that are aimed at enhancing their phone experience.

Some of these elements are so engrossing that it will be impossible for you to detach yourself from them. This is how unknowingly technological advancements become a daily part of our lives. However, you gain access to features that are cool and entertaining because of this.

VZ media, a subsidiary of Verizon Communications, is responsible for all aspects of the media. But it still retains its separate identity, just as other Verizon Communication brands, such as Yahoo and AOL, do.

An interesting thing about VZ Media is the unusual way it saves the photos and media files in your messages. All of these are saved in the VZ Media folder, where you can access them.

Instead of wasting time browsing through the gallery, Verizon service users can search for the VZ media folder to locate the media files. Do not mistake the folder for a place that only stores your music and image files. Taking a stride through the following features of the folder will give you a better idea.

What Does It Have To Offer?

Thanks to a robust backup facility, you can retrieve your digital content easily, even if something happens to your device. This is perhaps the most significant advantage of using VZ Media. But let’s have a look at the other advantages in detail as well:

1. Everything Can Be Restored

Transferring all your data when you migrate to a new phone can be a hassle. But with VZ Media, you can do this in seconds. All your data remains secure in the cloud for accessing whenever you like. Backup your Verizon account, for example, if you plan to change your phone. Everything, including media files and text messages, will be stored automatically.

Because most Internet service providers do not support multimedia, this functionality is critical. In addition, they only contain a little amount of backup memory. With VZ media, you face no restrictions while accessing the files.

2. Better data protection with encryption

VZ media does more than just save your files in the cloud. It offers better data protection with encryption. Moreover, the services are only available via mobile phone providers. As a result, malicious third parties, like scammers and hackers, cannot access them.

3. Better data organization

Keeping the massive amounts of images and other media files organized can sometimes be challenging. With VZ, this becomes easier, as you can keep all the files arranged according to the date and time of your chat. You don’t have to sift through each page one by one to search for them again.

Is Verizon Able to View My Photos?

How can I determine whether Verizon can access the photographs on my Android phone? Many people are concerned about this. After all, your phone constantly creates a backup copy of the media files.

You may disable the Verizon Cloud and manually delete all media files if this concerns you. To do so, go to the Verizon Cloud settings page and choose “delete,” and all the digital data will be deleted.

You can also solve the problem by installing VZ Media on your Android smartphone, as the media app of Verizon is an independent service.

To transfer all the images and videos to Verizon, you need to uninstall the app from your device and then download it again. After then, turn off automatic updates and get in touch with the app’s creator. However, you may have difficulty because the operating system may prohibit the software uninstallation.


Where Did My Old Verizon Cloud Photos Go?

Verizon has changed its policy and does not save your deleted photographs. However, you must upgrade to their premium storage plan to access them. If you do not, you will end up losing them.

You should be aware of the following Verizon Cloud information. All Verizon customers are impacted by the modifications made to the cloud storage policy. You can also investigate the applications that are suitable for use on your phone. You can even scan the applications suitable for your phone—following which you can start storing your photos on the cloud.

How to download photos backed up in Verizon Cloud?

Installing the Verizon Cloud app is the first step that has to be taken. You may now view and retrieve your old images via the Verizon Cloud app on your Android phone.

Simply clicking on the settings button will bring up more information. Once logged in, you may now browse the “Photos” page and even download them by selecting “Download Photos” from the drop-down menu.


Do I Need to Pay Extra to Use Verizon Cloud?

Customers frequently have this concern, which prevents them from joining up. Yet the service is, in fact, not free of charge due to various factors. To be able to save an unlimited amount of data on the cloud, you must sign up for a more expensive plan.

Unlike other providers, Verizon Cloud does not offer any plan for unlimited storage that costs less than $10 monthly.

Businesses, on the other hand, may safely share and back up files across various devices with unlimited storage subscriptions.

The company’s multi-tenant cloud storage solution lets users protect their files better against system breakdowns, viruses, or accidental data loss.

Verizon Cloud is a boon for those worried about losing their data due to a crash or potential virus threat.

It is an excellent option for organizations looking to share files across multiple devices. However, if you need a large amount of storage space, Dropbox is a good option. You must look into their services and expenses to determine whether it is a suitable choice for you.


Are There Any Better Alternatives To VZ Media?

Here are some of the better alternatives that you can use instead of VZ Media for navigating through videos, images, and more:

1. A+ Gallery

A+ Gallery integrates the best of both worlds: Android and iOS, thanks to its iOS-inspired UI. However, Android users will not have trouble adjusting to this photo gallery software either. Using A+ Gallery doesn’t require any prior knowledge of Apple products.

You can access all the options, like Albums, Photos, and Sync, from the app’s tabbed menu section, with Photos displaying the images chronologically. You can also access the files sorted by folder and enjoy compatibility with Facebook and Dropbox syncing.

A+ also categorizes the images by their color, which is a handy feature. By selecting the filter icon on the right, you can screen only the photos that match the selection. If you’re looking for old images that are easier to recall aesthetically rather than by date or location, this is a fun way to look for them.

2. Simple Gallery Pro

There are a slew of choices, but we’ve selected a couple with the most functionality. Among Android users, Simple Gallery Pro is a popular choice because it is the most user-friendly software with the most functionality. There are no adverts or bloatware in this program, which is identical to an older version of QuickPic from the days of mobile phones in vogue.

In addition to a safe place to store your images, the app also offers a safe way to submit them. All images and videos are protected from unwanted access by encrypting them. A single page displays all of your albums in the app.

You can crop, rotate, and resize photos using its powerful photo editor. Online backups of all content are also included with this package. Organizing your images in the cloud via Google’s service is also an option.

3. 1-Gallery

Because of its unique AES encryption function, the 1Gallery app has been getting a lot of attention. Anyone concerned about their privacy should find the software useful. Passwords, PIN codes, and fingerprints are all acceptable methods of decryption.

If you have a driver’s license or passport, 1Gallery can also help you keep photographs of these important documents. However, this is not a long-term solution and we don’t suggest it.

The app comes with a photo editor to allow cropping, rotation, and even apply filters and supports various unusual file formats, such as RAW. Moreover, it comes with a video editor and offers comprehensive metadata, like resolution and EXIF values.

4. F-Stop Gallery

The F-Stop Gallery has been available on the Google Play Store for quite some time now. Yet, the app hasn’t lost its charm due to its compact size, user-friendly interface, and stunning visuals.

It has a slew of characteristics that set it apart from the competition, including:

  • You may filter images based on tags, camera models, and other details using the advanced search option.
  • The photographs may be readily sorted using tags recorded in XML format. This also makes them easier to read and manipulate with programs like Lightroom.
  • Only a few gallery applications let you create subfolders within folders. This software feature makes photo organization more convenient.
  • The program can automatically arrange photographs into albums based on particular criteria. For example, photos labeled under “food” and rated four or five stars may be clustered together.
  • The drag-and-drop organizing allows you to arrange your photos in a logical order.

5. PhotoMap Gallery

Here is a gallery app for Android that is a little out of the ordinary. All your photos are organized by location and displayed on an interactive world map that can be zoomed in and out of.

The software does an excellent job of assisting you in saving your memories of travel. You may scan images by location and virtually relive your vacation.

Other features of the PhotoMap Gallery assist in the creation of long-lasting memories.

For instance, you can use the diary tool to record your personal thoughts along with the images. A geo-tracker tool lets you classify the trip photos separately. With the help of the augmented reality (AR) view, you can take a virtual tour around the places to determine precisely where you shot the images.

6. Camera Roll

Camera Roll has the same functions as QuickPic, but it’s easier to use. You can alter EXIF data and create virtual albums that integrate numerous directories into a single album with this program’s quickness and advanced functionality. I had to manually force the software to check for hidden folders at launch because it was less reliable than Simple Gallery when it came to hidden folders in my usage. In addition, it’s a viable alternative to the stock gallery app.

7. Piktures

Despite its modest design, Piktures Pictures is a strong photo album. All of these devices allow you to edit images and watch videos. In the event that you’ve backed up your images to the cloud, you’ll be able to see them all in one spot. A GIF maker and a secret area to hide your nude images are among the more complex capabilities. Finally, the calendar and location views are a terrific method to reminisce about a specific day or a specific location.



1. Does Verizon allow saving photos?

Yes. The Verizon Cloud is a mobile solution that provides protection for any kind of file stored in the cloud. You may access any data saved here by visiting the Verizon website or downloading the cloud app on your phone. You may get it for your Android or iOS device, as well as for the Microsoft Windows system as well as your Mac.

2. Is it possible to uninstall Verizon media?

You can opt out of VZ media, and any mobile advertising services affiliated with it by visiting their privacy policy page.

You also have the option of dialing 866-211-0874 from your phone. Moreover, Verizon Media allows you to decide how your information will be used for advertising purposes.

3. What type of information does Verizon collect?

Verizon obtains information about you based on the mobile towers in your vicinity. Based on the permissions you provide, this may include location-based data such as Wi-Fi passwords, GPS locations, and so on. The data Verizon collects is primarily affected by how you utilize the app.

4. Do I still need a Verizon cloud account if I have Google?

You may certainly utilize Google’s services through your Gmail account to store and back up your media files. However, Verizon’s server may be the most dependable alternative for its loyal customers.


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