Can You Use a Jitterbug Phone on Verizon?
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Jitterbug was designed to help people stay connected because this is a critical part of life. As a result, the most frequently asked question is, “Can you utilize a Verizon jitterbug phone?”

Well, the idea behind Verizon’s jitterbug cell phone plans was to provide phone services to the elderly in the community with low or no income.

While most people these days use smartphones, Verizon jitterbug offers an age-old flip mobile phone that is suitable for senior citizens who only require a simple cell phone that is comfortable to use, can communicate wonderfully and can help in a disaster.

Designed with the older population in mind, Jitterbug is an easy-to-use mobile phone with bright screens and large studs. A smartphone and a flip phone are currently the only options. There are numerous health and safety resources available to users of both phones.

What you should understand about Jitterbug cell phone plans for Verizon?

It’s time for you to learn about Verizon’s jitterbug cell phone plans:

Senior citizens aged sixty-five and up are the primary target audience for jitterbug cell phones. A demographic that prefers a large, easy-to-read screen, a keypad for making phone calls, and a loudspeaker that can provide them with audio guidance. Jitterbugs are available if you’re into it, or if you’d like to buy one for a loved one. Before you sign up, here are some things you should know.

Most of the time, this phone’s use may be divided into two broad groups. Those who enjoy chatting frequently and those who only need a phone in case of an emergency or for use on a less frequent basis.

To top it all off, there’s an affordable monthly fee of just $14.99 for a durable and uncomplicated phone. Using jitterbug can help you gain the following benefits for free with jitterbug phones for the elderly.

  • There is no agreement, but there is a simple month-to-month schedule.
  • If you decide to break up, there are no fees associated with the annulment process.
  • Long-distance rates for the United States are not included in this plan. Families and friends can be reached from anywhere in the country.
  • Because of the sixty-day rollover of unused airtime, you’ll save a lot of time.

Jitterbug phone plans Verizon entry level:

There is a $14.99 per month option for light-duty customers. Additional taxes are levied by the federal government. You’ll be able to get two hundred minutes and three hundred text messages and 40 megabytes of data for just three bucks if you choose this basic plan.

For Jitterbug phone plans Verizon’s designated audience, 200 minutes of talk time may not be sufficient for many people. An unlimited call and text plan may be yours for just $50 a month.

However, for this price, you can get a better unlimited talk plan from the customer phone each month for $20 or move on to other more reasonable plans in the elder’s phone page plan.


What is Jitterbug?

Jitterbug’s initial phone, released by Lively in 2006, had rudimentary call capabilities and senior-friendly features including bigger keypad, huge displays, and a design that’s easy to grasp in the palm of your hand.

The dedicated emergency button on the original Jitterbug was another feature we admired, since it provided an extra level of security not seen on most modern mobile phones.

For over a decade, the Lively line has grown to provide users with an ever-optimizing experience. There are two phones in Jitterbug’s current lineup that we’ll be looking at today, the Flip2 and the Smart3.

Jitterbug Flip2

The Jitterbug Flip2 is Lively’s cheapest and most basic handset, costing $99.99 (plus activation) and sporting a traditional flip phone style. The Jitterbug Flip2 is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to make and receive phone calls, send text messages, and take the occasional picture.

This phone is easy to use because of its large buttons, loud speaker, and large screen. The M4/T4 hearing aid compatibility rating also makes this phone a smart choice for millions of Americans who suffer from substantial hearing loss.

With its simplistic design, the Jitterbug Flip2 can also perform certain advanced functions that aren’t typically found in flip phones. A dedicated 5Star button can be found on the handset’s outer edge. You will be connected to a Lively agent who will assess your situation and notify a loved one or the emergency services as necessary when this button is used.

The Jitterbug Flip2’s 2-megapixel camera is its lone drawback. The camera on the Jitterbug Smart3 lacks the clarity and resolution of the Jitterbug Smart3’s camera. However, as far as flip-phone cameras go, this one is quite fine.

Flip2 can be connected with one of two plans that start at $14.99 per month for the Jitterbug Flip2.

Jitterbug Smart3

To address the reality that more and more seniors are embracing smartphones, Lively has designed the Jitterbug Smart3 with larger text and icons. The phone comes preinstalled with the 5Star emergency app, as well as MedCoach and UrgentCare, which users have come to expect from the Lively brand. In addition, the Jitterbug Smart3 provides on-the-go access to high-speed mobile internet from virtually any location.

The Jitterbug Smart3 is one of the most cheap cellphones on the market, starting at $149.99 plus activation fees. A built-in camera, a use meter, and a long-lasting battery complete the list of features that make this Jitterbug a sensible choice for today’s connected consumers.

Jitterbug Flip2 users can select from a variety of Lively plans that cater to their specific need without annual commitments, cancellation fees or other unwanted costs. Jitterbug Smart3 plans start at $14.99 per month, but you’ll likely want to purchase data consumption, which comes at a higher price point.


Lively Health and Safety Packages For Jitterbug

Lively Health and Safety Packages are available on both the Jitterbug Flip2 and Jitterbug Smart3. These packages offer the help and security traditionally reserved for medical alert devices to users wishing to enhance the functioning of their device. Your dedicated 5Star button (included in both phones) allows you 24/7 access to one of Lively’s experienced emergency specialists starting at $19.99 per month.

Here is an overview of Lively’s Health and Safety Features:

5 Stars for service You’ll be able to contact IAED-certified agents at any time with this service enabled. One of these agents can utilize your phone to locate you, analyze your situation, and get you the assistance you need, whether this means contacting a loved one, emergency services, or simply providing you with instructions to the bus stop. Older individuals can use this to stay safe even when they’re out and about.

There’s no need for an appointment with Lively’s Urgent Care, which gives you access to a licensed nurse or board-certified physician for immediate medical assistance. You can also use this service to order popular medicines by phone.

The Lively Link app for smartphones is a useful feature for caretakers. Using the 5Star button, it will inform you everytime your loved one presses it, as well as allowing you to monitor their position and the state of their phone.

Using the Personal Operator service, users no longer have to waste time looking up phone numbers. A helpful operator will connect them to any number in the United States or Canada, saving them time and frustration.

Contracts and Warranty

No long-term contracts or cancellation fees apply with Lively, except for a $10 restocking fee if you return equipment. Lively has an advantage over other plans because others, including AT&T’s Senior Nation phone plan, demand a two-year contract.


In terms of warranties, Lively provides a basic set of protections. According to Lively’s customer care representative Martin, a “standard limited warranty” is included with every Lively product. A one-year warranty on cell phone equipment, including batteries and accessories, is included. There will be no charge for Lively to fix or replace the product if it breaks.

If you put your phone in a puddle, the warranty doesn’t cover it because it only covers manufacturer flaws.

For $3.50 a month, you may purchase the Lively Protection Plan, which enhances and extends your original manufacturer’s guarantee. If something happens to your phone or any of the accessories that came along with it, you’re covered. However, you will still have to pay a replacement fee.

The cost of a replacement Jitterbug Smart3 is $50, whereas the cost of a replacement Flip2 is $25. It’s still less expensive than getting a new phone, so if you’re a heavy user, it might be worth it.



Jitterbug cell phone plans are better for those who already have this knowledge in their hands before making a switch to Verizon. This company has excellent options that you’ll appreciate, and they work with a reliable network provider to ensure that you’re always connected.


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