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A leaker who has access to a test cable Apple used for its design validation test shows a possibility that Apple might offer another variety of cable for its iPhone 15 Pro models in September.

According to Apple device collector @KosutamiSan, the sample was obtained in February as a DVT sample. In the following post, the leaker clarifies that the cable is USB 4 Gen 2 and could deliver up to 150W of charging output. The account adds that it is different from the existing Thunderbolt cable of Apple and only measures 0.8 meters. Ultimately, the leaker claims that the cable will be sold separately as an optional accessory for iPhone 15 Pro.

If true, this will be a relief for Apple fans who are bothered about a recent leak about the 1.6-meter-long cable, which will reportedly only feature USB 2.0 speeds or a maximum of 480 Mbps. According to well-known leaker @MajinBuOfficial, the USB-C cable is dedicated to the iPhone 15 series. Yet, some speculations indicate that the sample is just a low-tier cable Apple is planning for the iPhone 15 release, meaning the company might have a plan to sell Thunderbolt USB-C cables separately. This new report complements that theory, but it should be officially confirmed when Apple unveils everything about the iPhone 15 line next month.


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