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A Barclays equity research analyst reportedly claimed that there won’t be solid-state buttons in the iPhone 16 series. This opposes earlier claims and reports about the element, with sources saying the technology would be applied to the Action Button and the additional “Capture” button.

The analyst shared the news with MacRumors this week after the latter found proof that seemingly affirmed Apple’s move to try solid-state buttons in its iPhone 15 series. As spotted by the outlet, Apple supplier Cirrus Logic’s shareholder letter suggests that there was indeed a creation of wafers that were supposed to be used on a specific device element. However, the supplier reported discarding them.

Finally, during the quarter we completed the disposition of wafers associated with a new high-performance mixed-signal (HPMS) product that was previously expected to ship this year. As anticipated, the disposition did not have a material financial impact.

The Barclays analyst confirmed that Cirrus Logic disposed of the materials after Apple canceled the solid-state buttons that were supposed to be introduced in the iPhone 15 Pro. No other details were shared, nor the earlier reported “technical issues” reason was tackled, but the analyst said that the iPhone 16 is not expected to get solid-state buttons after Cirrus Logic discarded its inventory for such an order.

This opposes earlier claims about Apple making the Action Button and the rumored Capture button capacitive. It is currently unknown what function the latter will have, but it will reportedly be placed under the Power button. This is currently where the mmWave cutout is located, but Apple is going to move it to the other side (under the Volume buttons) to prioritize the new one. Apple reportedly dubbed the element “Project Nova.” Meanwhile, the change in Action Button from mechanical to solid-state is believed to be called “Project Atlas.”

What do you think of this recent claim? Will Apple push for solid-state buttons in iPhone 16, or will it stick with mechanical ones? Let us know your opinion in the comment section!


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