iPhone 15 Pro Action Button Customization Options

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The Translate option has finally arrived in the Action Button via the iOS 17.2 Beta 1 release. This adds to the nine options currently available in the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

It can be recalled that Apple presented the Translate option during the unveiling of the Action Button in September. The ability, however, didn’t ship in iOS 17.0, with earlier reports saying it would arrive before 2023 ends. Now, it is finally here in iOS 17.2.

Users can access the new control on the iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max’s Settings > Action Button page. Once selected as the control and the Action Button is pressed, the Translate can be seen working through the Dynamic Island. Making it more convenient is the fact that the Translate works even when offline, allowing iPhone 15 Pro users to get instant access to translations anytime.

This is one of the newest works Apple introduced to the Action Button after making some adjustments in iOS 17.1. To recall, with the latest update, the button is now less responsive. The idea for the change is to prevent accidental triggers of the Action Button so it won’t activate when put inside pockets or other places where it could be unintentionally pressed.

In related news, Apple is reportedly introducing a different type of Action Button in the future. The project is dubbed “Project Atlas” internally and will bring a “capacitive” button, meaning it won’t be mechanical and will respond to detected touches via haptic feedback.


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