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As shared in the iOS 17 Release Candidate, Apple is bringing a handful of bug fixes to iOS 17-compatible iPhones via the iOS 17.1 update. It addresses some problems earlier reported by users and beta testers to Apple, including the screen burn-in, unresponsive keyboard, Screen Time setting across devices not syncing, and more.

As Apple shares in the release notes:

This update also includes the following improvements and bug fixes:

  • Option to choose a specific album to use with Photo Shuffle on the Lock Screen
  • Home key support for Matter locks
  • Improved reliability of Screen Time settings syncing across devices
  • Fixes an issue that may cause the Significant Location privacy setting to reset when transferring an Apple Watch or pairing it for the first time
  • Resolves an issue where the names of incoming callers may not appear when you are on another call
  • Addresses an issue where custom and purchased ringtones may not appear as options for your text tone
  • Fixes an issue that may cause the keyboard to be less responsive
  • Crash detection optimizations (all iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 models)
  • Fixes an issue that may cause display image persistence

These are the same details shared by Apple in iOS 17.1 RC. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mention the fix for other issues recently reported by users, including the overheating issue, which was resolved in iOS 17.0.3, although others are claiming that the problem persists even after the update.

Other issues reported recently include an auto-shutdown bug (aside from iPhone 15, older iPhone model users say they are also experiencing the same) and the breaking of NFC chips when the unit is charged on the wireless charging pads of BMW.

Earlier this month, users also reported experiencing issues with their Wi-Fi. As shared on various platforms and forums, problems can range from a device having slow Wi-Fi connectivity to not being able to connect at all. Interestingly, the same issue was spotted by beta testers prior to the release of the final version of the original iOS 17 update. Apple still hasn’t commented on the matter, but we will update this article soon.

It is unknown whether the fixes for these issues are included in the iOS 17.1 update or whether Apple plans to address them through another update. We will provide more updates about this matter soon.


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