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Aside from bringing new features, Apple is fixing different issues across iOS with iOS 17.1. Some areas already tapped in the iOS 17.1 Release Candidate include the privacy setting, call, keyboard, and display.

First of the things addressed in the RC is the Screen Time settings syncing across Apple devices. Screen Time is one of the most useful features for parents to remotely control their children’s devices. This allows management capabilities across synced devices, including blocking content, putting time limits for apps, and even setting the time the device can only be used. However, months ago, some users reported problems involving the feature, saying it kept resetting or failing to apply the settings to all devices in a Family Sharing group. In July, Apple promised to fix this, and after months of work, this will end with iOS 17.1 update.

Apple will also resolve an issue causing the Significant Location privacy setting to reset automatically in the update. According to reports, the problem usually happens when transferring an Apple Watch or pairing it for the first time to the iPhone. iOS 17 users also experienced the same issue before, with reports claiming that the update caused two location settings and iCloud settings for Passwords & Keychain to automatically turn on.

On the other hand, this update will also address the problem of the display image staying for an extended time. The issue was first assumed to be a screen burn-in problem with the hardware of some iPhones, but thankfully, it is apparently limited to the device software. Many iPhone 15 users shared experiencing the issue, but recent reports show it also affects iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 users.

During the first release of iOS 17, others also reported having keyboard issues, saying the keyboard becomes less responsive when texting long messages. Apple promises to fix this in this update, and it seems to be already working on the iOS 17.1 RC, as different developers and testers report noticing a snappier keyboard experience starting today.

Apple is also bringing solutions for other minor problems experienced in the earlier iOS 17 version, including the issue where the names of incoming callers may not appear when you are on another call. According to Apple, you should now be able to choose your custom and purchased ringtones for your text tones in iOS 17.1. Currently, these tone options do not appear in iOS 17.0.

Ultimately, Apple is also introducing some optimization for Crash Detection in iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 units. Hopefully, this will resolve the issues about accidental triggers of the feature, which is apparently an issue that can also affect first responders.


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