Verizon app manager keeps downloading apps

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What Do You Mean by App Manager of Verizon?

The App Manager is the principal hub to enjoy the unlimited experience of Verizon. It allows you to stay updated with account changes latest offers and is a source for plenty of activities.

In the 2022 version of iOS and Android sold by Verizon, the app manager is pre-installed and is basically a standard application. It is designed to help you manage different applications that you install or are already present on your device.

However, over the years, it has become a source of major problems for a lot of users. It also, at times, ends up downloading certain applications without your permission.

Nevertheless, its purpose is to help you manage the applications already part of your device, be it iOS or Android.

Additionally, it also reflects the status of applications that you are currently downloading to your device.

Plus, you get recommendations for certain app installs and also a gentle reminder to use your applications.


Is The App Manager by Verizon a Bloatware?

App Manager by Verizon is termed bloatware by most people as it is an irrelevant application that is full of advertisements and spam. Though it is risk-free, most individuals still hold on to their opinion.

However, nothing changes the fact that it’s a pre-installed part of your device.

What Do you Mean by DT Ignite?

The problem with the latest version of App Manager by Verizon is its automatic installation of DT Ignite, which leads to your device featuring twice many irrelevant software.

DT Ignite is an app constantly running in the background of your phone, and Verizon can utilize it to install other apps without asking for your permission or even informing you.

Moreover, Verizon already states the fact that without your permission, it will download apps on your phone, but the good news is it will work during the factory reset option or initial setup of the device.


Verizon App Manager Keeps Downloading Apps – The Reason

To be fair, there is no definite reason why Verizon App Manager keeps downloading apps on your phone. The most accurately guessed answer would be that Verizon App Manager being a bloatware just installs apps that lead to an increase in the revenue of Verizon, either through ads or through the app downloads, themselves. However, nothing can be said of certain.

As mentioned, Verizon App Manager is bloatware, therefore it is obvious for it to eat up space on your device, either in itself or by downloading other random apps that you may or may not have use of.

Does Verizon App Manager Install Apps Without Your Permission?

As seen by the numerous complaints made on the Verizon community by its users, it can be concluded that Verizon App Manager does install apps without the user’s permission. Many users have complained about Verizon App Manager installing apps without the user’s permission. Some examples of these apps include Coinbase, Cash App, etc.

Are The Apps Installed By Verizon Safe?

Yes, the apps installed by Verizon can be considered safe. Usually, these apps are also available on Google Play Store. The fact that most of the apps downloaded by Verizon are also available on Google Play Store is evidence enough that these apps are safe to use (unless detected otherwise, later by Play Store).

The only difference is that Google Play Store always asks for your permission before downloading any app while App Manager does not. This leads a lot of users to wonder if the apps downloaded by Verizon are truly safe however, there is nothing to worry about.

Not with most apps, at least!


[FIXED] Verizon App Manager Keeps Downloading Apps

If you are frustrated by the fact that Verizon App Manager keeps downloading apps on your device, then the best way to go about this would be to disable Verizon App Manager or get rid of the bloatware manually.

Method 1: Deactivate App Manager of Verizon

To disable the Verizon App Manager and DT Ignite, you have to follow the below-given steps:

  • First, go to “Settings”
  • Find “Applications”
  • Search and locate “Application Manager”
  • Click on App Manager by Verizon
  • Click the “Disable” option and turn it off
  • To find DT Ignite, go back
  • Click disable from the menu

However, things can be a little challenging, depending upon your iOS or Android device, as you may be asked to look for particular guidelines in the user manual.

Though, there is a chance that to switch both of these applications off, you would have to select “System Apps.”

Is It Bad If You Disable Verizon App Manager?

It won’t be harmful to your device if you would decide to remove the App Manager by Verizon.

Despite being a standard part of your smartphone, it has little or no impact on the operation of your phone’s Verizon account.

It is typical of people to extract adware and bloatware that are a part of Android devices, even if the phone is not used right away.

Method 2: Remove Unnecessary Software from Verizon

Verizon tops the chart of being one of the worst companies in the world when we are talking about unnecessarily burdening your device with irrelevant applications. These feature both your Verizon manager app and DT Ignite.

If you are looking for ways to simply and quickly remove apps that can be deemed as bloatware from your Android device, take a look below:

  • Go to settings, choose “App & Notifications from your menu.”
  • Next, go to “All Apps.”
  • Look for Verizon applications you would like to delete and go for “Uninstall” from the menu that pops up on your screen.

Ensure before removal that the application you are planning to uninstall or turn off isn’t a part of your system that is required by your phone for essential functioning.

If you don’t do this, it could happen that you end up deleting an application which is important for your phone’s efficient operations. Without it, your device can seriously lag or freeze out.


Do Phones by Verizon Feature Its App Manager?

Luckily some phones provided by Verizon do not feature its App Manager, but there is a high chance that Verizon’s Samsung products have this app already downloaded.

At the same time, it could also be pre-installed on other different devices of Android that you purchase from Verizon. You could also find the DT Ignite app already downloaded.

If you would not prefer bloatware installed on your phone, it is best if you take a keen look at your Android device after the purchase to see if it has neither of these two software – Verizon App Manager and DT Ignite considered bloatware pre-installed.


What Do You Consider Notifications in Verizon App Manager?

The notifications in App Manager of Verizon give you a choice to customize your device by allowing you to select which alerts are shown to you from your other applications that are a part of your device.

For instance, this notification can update whenever a new app is being downloaded, an existing one is updated, or can display Ads part of your system apps and, in general, do a lot more.

You also have the choice to switch on every notification of an application or customize which notification you would like to get from different apps. This is possible on all apps that are a part of your phone.

How Do You Switch off Notifications From App Manager In Verizon?

If you don’t want to receive notifications from Verizon’s App Managers, you can follow the given steps to disable them easily and instantly.

  • Move to the “Settings” menu and find “Application Manager.”
  • After choosing “All Apps,” go and look for “Verizon App Manager” in the series of choices available.
  • Go to the option of “Clearing App Data and Cache.”
  • Now to simply shut off the notifications from your App Manager, go to the “Show Notifications” button and toggle.


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