Can Google Translate Images on PC?

Can Google Translate Images on PC?

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It’s not uncommon for people to conduct picture searches on Google because it has the ability to vastly boost their research capabilities. Searching for information about a photo using Google Lens is one of the tech giant’s most important services since it greatly enhances the user experience.

With all of that out of the way, it is crucial to note that the current update to Google Lens (also referred to as Google Images search) might well take its capabilities to a whole new level. Since its initial implementation, the neural network has been able to provide a wealth of information about an image that users would not have otherwise had access to. However, the most recent enhancement now allows users access to a wide variety of translation options for the text contained within the image.

This is a tremendous step forward, and one that could have a significant impact on bridging cultural and linguistic divides. With Google Lens, you’ll now see three search possibilities beneath the image that’s given to you in a side-by-side format on the left. Search, Text, and Translate are the three options available.

The links on the right-hand side of this page can be utilized for research and other reasons. As a result, people can better grasp what others are saying because of these kinds of updates, which are great for maintaining exclusivity.

For those who find the translations a little off, bear in mind that this is an artificial intelligence (AI) that will continue to improve over time. Perhaps in the next several years, it will become so advanced that its translations will begin to improve significantly. We’ll have to wait and see what else Google has in store for us.


How To Google Translate Images On PC?

So long it had been a common myth that Google can not translate images on PC. However, as mentioned above you can translate Images on PC using Google.Below is a step-by-step guide on how to do so:

  • Open any image on Chrome. As seen in the screenshot, we’ve chosen a Spanish poem for translation. Right-click on the image and you will find a menu with options such as ‘Cut’, ‘Copy’, etc. Tap on ‘Search image with Google Lens’.


⦁ On selecting the option, you will have access to three more options: ‘Search’, ‘Text’, ‘Translate’. Tap on ‘Translate’.

  • You should be able to see the translated text below the actual image which you are translating. Herein, you can copy the translation, read it out aloud, and do more.


  • Here is what the translation for the Spanish poem we chose for reference looks like.


How To Translate a New Picture With Google Translate On Phone?

  • To translate an image in real-time, launch Google Translate on your smartphone. Tap “Camera” beneath the text box in the app.
  • Your camera view will be activated. Select the languages you want to translate your image from and to at the top. Select “Detect Language” in the source language section to have the app recognize the language automatically.
  • Tap “Instant” at the bottom of the camera view.
  • Point the camera on your phone at the image you wish to translate. The text on your image will be translated by the app.
  • If you want to translate a still image, tap “Scan,” take a photo and then let the software translate it.


How To Translate an Existing Picture With Google Translate?

If your image is already saved in the gallery on your phone, upload it to Google Translate for translation.

  • To begin, open the Google Translate app on your phone. Tap “Camera” in the app.
  • Select both the source and target languages for your picture translation from the top of the camera view page. Select “Detect Language” in the source language section to have the app detect the language.
  • Tap “Import” at the bottom of the page to add your image to the app.⦁ If a permission request appears, touch “Yes.” Then select the image to be translated.
  • Your image will be imported and scanned by Google Translate. To see the translation for certain words, tap them on the image.
  • Tap the “Select All” button to see the full translation for the entire image.


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