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In the coming hours, you’ll finally be able to download the final iOS 17.1 release.

The confirmation of the date was first shared by the Agence Nationale Des Fréquences (ANFR) of France. It can be recalled that the authority raised concerns about the radiation level of the iPhone 12, which doesn’t comply with the standards of France. Apple says this will change with the iOS 17.1, and the ANFR claimed that the update will arrive this Tuesday. As for the time, it is based on the past releases of Apple.

If all is true, expect to have the following features and improvements that came in the recent iOS 17 Release Candidates from Apple:

  • There’s now an Album option when opting to Photo Shuffle for your wallpaper.
  • In Sounds & Haptics in Settings, you can now pick custom tones for different notifications, including ringtones and text tones.
  • The sharing gesture in AirDrop or NameDrop gains a new setting option to “Use Cellular Data.” This allows users to continuously send and receive content when Wi-Fi is unavailable during an AirDrop session. It can be found in the Settings > General > AirDrop.
  • Matter accessories with Locks now have Home Key support.
  • You now have more display options for StandBy mode. In Settings > StandBy > Display, you get three options for how the display turns off: Automatically, After 20 Seconds, and Never. Choosing the first option will allow the display to automatically turn off when the unit is not in use and the room is dark. For the last option, you can use your iPhone as an actual smart home display all night without the display turning off. Note, however, that the Never option is only available on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro models.
  • The Music app now shows the “Favorited” playlist option in the Library, Playlist, and Songs section. It applies to songs, albums, playlists, and artists. You can access this by tapping the menu option on the upper right section of the app and selecting Favorited. Songs also now show a new Favorite button with a new animation. The button is also interactive when you use it from the Music player on the Lock Screen.
  • Apple Music now offers selections of album artwork users can use to customize the looks of their playlists. You can access it by tapping the menu in the upper-right of the playlist and selecting “Edit.” You’ll have different artwork selections there, or use your own photo. There will also be additional automatically generated album options for some playlists.
  • The Music app now includes song suggestions at the bottom of the playlists through the new Favorited system. The suggestions show up to five items, and each one has an Add button.
  • The Podcasts app has a new Remove Download option that can be accessed by sliding on the item to the left.
  • The Action Button will no longer be easily triggered by accident. Apple injected new code into the release, so the button must be pressed longer than usual in order to work.

The update is also expected to deliver some fixes for different iPhone issues, such as Screen Time settings syncing reliability, the automatic activation of certain privacy option settings, display image persistence, keyboard issues, and more. Based on the second version of iOS 17.1 RC, Apple could also fix some iPhone 15-related issues in this update. There are no specific descriptions about them, but it could be the problems involving the auto-shutdown bug (although older iPhone model users say they are also experiencing the same) and the breaking of NFC chips when the unit is charged on the wireless charging pads of BMW.


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